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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

The Importance of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

Why Social Media in Pakistan Necessary? 

It comes as no surprise that Social media plays an integral part in people’s daily lives as the internet gets easier and easier to access. According to Kepios analysis, by July 2022, there are roughly 4.7 billion social media users worldwide, representing 59.0% of the world's total population. The number of social media users has also continued to grow over the past 12 months, with 227 million new users joining social media since the same period last year. This tremendous growth in Social Media users indicates the aforementioned fact that Social Media is growing in importance with respect to people’s lives.

Social Media in Pakistan

Social Media is ever-growing not just globally but in Pakistan, too. In January 2022, Pakistan had 82.9 million internet users. In early 2022, Pakistan's people had an internet surplus of 36.5% of the total population. According to Kepios' analysis, Pakistan's internet users increased by 22 million (+35.9%) between 2021 and 2022.

Additionally, the Pakistani government continues to support tech companies in their quest to launch sustainable growth and easy-to-use social media apps, building a huge user base in Pakistan. Currently, the country has over 60 million active social media users.

The rampant increase in Internet accessibility and Social Media activity is an indication that Social Media plays an important role in the nation.

The Role of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

Businesses have realized that the growing Social Media presence within the nation can be capitalized on and have started various strategies to further their brand awareness and sales through the utilization of Social Media and the Internet.

Some of the most used platforms throughout Pakistan

To expand your business, knowing your audience is a crucial part of it; you need to know where the nation spends most of its time and on which platform they’re most likely to use.

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The Meta-owned platform is expected to have the highest user base in Pakistan in 2022. Facebook's total user base is a whopping 50 million. This is mainly because Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms in the country. A lot of businesses have turned to digital marketing on Facebook as it is home to a large audience with a plethora of interests.


Popular video platform YouTube ranked second in Pakistan with 45 million active users. YouTube is the go-to place for people of all ages because of its amazing collection of videos and movies. Plus, it's also a great platform for content creators. Youtube is a great platform to run ads on, you can even sponsor influencers directly that are related to your industry to increase awareness of your brand.


We can state that Twitter is arguably the most authentic platform on all of Social Media within Pakistan but it hasn’t been able to attract a large number of users and currently has a user base of 3.7 Million. However, the number of users on Twitter is starting to grow, one of the causes being the blackout of all information.