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The Healthiest Thing to Do After Waking Up


We don't know since when did morning become a measure of mood for the whole day, happy morning, happy all day, tired morning, restlessness all day worry, uncomfortable-looking everywhere. How to greet the morning with a lot of excitement? Here are some good habits to maintain in the morning to be healthier.

Wake up early

"Get up early to succeed" is a famous saying on the internet recently and is used by many young people as a motivation to develop themselves when they want to do a certain job.

Of course, waking up early cannot be equated with success, but by waking up early, we have more time to do other things and enjoy the fresh air before the streets are crowded.

Moreover, early morning is also the time when the mind is most relaxed, easy to absorb and remember, so if you want to start learning something new or researching, it is very appropriate and effective. Early risers will have an ample amount of time for themselves, so they can also do what they like such as exercising, planning work, going for a walk, cooking, etc.

Make the bed

Making the bed is a good habit that we should maintain every morning. Although this may seem like a small, unnecessary thing because you go back to sleep anyway, it is the first gentle physical activity that helps you to be more alert and ready to start the day. 

Open the door of the room to catch the early sunlight entering the house

Most of us will close the window when we sleep to avoid dust, mosquitoes, insects, etc. However, if possible, you should open the door of your room every morning because opening the window early in the morning will help circulate the air in the house. , catch the sun and make us healthier.

In addition, sunlight is also the best natural source of vitamin D for the body, promoting the production of serotonin - a substance in the brain and body that is responsible for a happier mood.

Sit in quiet meditation

Another good habit recommended by many health professionals is to set aside time to meditate in the morning. Meditation has the effect of calming the mind, removing worries and worries from your mind, helping you improve your health and develop your brain. After waking up, you should get out of bed and cross your legs to meditate for a few minutes.

Ideally, you should meditate for as many minutes as your age. Choose places that are fresh and full of light to receive the energy of the morning so that you feel full of excitement. Maintain the habit of meditation for a long time to see the best effect.

Drink lots of water

During sleep, we almost do not rehydrate the body, not to mention that some do not drink water before sleeping for fear of having to go to the toilet at night to ruin a good night's sleep. So, right after waking up, enjoy a glass of filtered water to purify the body and help with metabolism!

In addition, drinking filtered water right after waking up is also a good habit for weight loss and skincare that many stars in the world pursue. Women can apply this simple secret to be able to enhance their beauty quickly.

Morning exercise

Morning exercise increases the production of endorphins – a happy hormone in the body. There are even some people who use exercise to increase excitement to a certain extent and start studying and working.

There are many forms of exercise that you can choose from. For example, jogging, gym, cycling, yoga, aerobics... All in all, they all help the blood in the body circulate easily and bring vitality to the practitioner. If you want to exercise more effectively, buy exercise support products such as weights, ropes, or waistbands, ... and remember to apply discount codes, coupons for fitness to enjoy the price preference.

In addition, exercise also helps you eliminate the fat accumulated in the body, reduce sugar, help the body feel lighter, more comfortable, more comfortable, from which the mood is always cheerful.

Morning shower

Bathing in the morning not only keeps the body clean but also the mind is always comfortable, the circulation process in the body is better. This good habit will help you feel alert, happy, and think more clearly.

Of course, some people prefer to shower in the evening to remove stress and fatigue. Therefore, you can take a bath twice a day to be healthier, especially for those who have a habit of jogging in the morning.

Read what you love

Choosing to read what you find a most favorite in the morning is a good habit to wake up the mental emotions at the beginning of the day, giving you more motivation to work effectively. This is considered a mental health exercise to give yourself more motivation and strength throughout the day.

If you read good, meaningful, inspirational books, it will give you mental strength before the stumbling blocks you have to face. In addition, people who enjoy reading in the morning will find themselves more creative, more flexible, more productive, and calmer in the long run.

For those who want to absorb knowledge faster and longer, the morning from 3 am to 7 am is an appropriate time for enlightenment. You can actively study, read books or meditate to develop yourself every day. You can find books that nourish your soul to give yourself more motivation for a new day, you can use more discount codes, coupons to save more money when buying books.


Above is an article about the healthiest things to do after waking up. Health is the key to happiness in life. Yesterday may have been unsatisfactory things, but let's start a new day full of energy with good habits so that we can continue to be optimistic and strong to face all difficulties!