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The equipment of ELYON is broken down into armor, weapons

The equipment of ELYON is broken down into armor, weapons

Elyon strengthening inheritance technique is the feature that elyon players are Elyon Gold most concerned over at present. Elyon is an all-new game developed by the blue hole company. This game attracted the interest of many players immediately following its release. It is a game with a lot of elements and powerful gameplay. People want to know more about this game, let's take a look at the enhanced inheritance strategy of Elyon.

"elyon" strengthen inheritance strategy

The equipment of ELYON is broken down into armor, weapons, jewelry, etc. Among them, weapons and armors can be obtained through the use of the props located on the map or through or using the "Fate" feature of the rune feature. Additionally, jewelry can be acquired by defeating monsters at the dimension gate or by defeating the massive BOSS enemies in the dungeon.

When a player acquires the equipment, enhancing levels of equipment is the first stage of strengthening. When strengthening, according to the strength of the stone, the strength value is up to +3. Therefore, high-grade stones are recommended for use in golden strengthening holes, which increase the possibility of strengthening. At the same time, for every 4. an increase in the enhancement value you will be able to make an inlay hole to place rune stones, and each item can be able to hold up to five rune stones.

In laying the rune stone on the equipment and obtaining particular points, you will be able to grind the stone to increase your experience and enter the next stage. When grinding rune stones, you'll be able to gain 1.5 times the experience amount based on a certain amount of probability. The video shows that when grinding rune stones, it is recommended to use one grinding stone.

The final way to boost the quality of equipment is to give magic. Through magic granting, when the equipment enhancement value reaches +6 or more it will cause the normal effect to be applied, and when the +10 effect is activated, the effects of buying Elyon Gold the special type will be used. In addition, the principal weapon and helmet, which can only activate powerful effects in the event of certain conditions being satisfied, are the most powerful equipment that needs magic.


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