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The Definitive Guide to Identifying Your Ideal IBDP School

The Definitive Guide to Identifying Your Ideal IBDP School

The International Baccalaureate Organisation offers IB programs to schools around the world to follow. It is natural for a parent looking for the best school for their child to follow the crowd and choose what many other parents are opting for. As a result, the best Indian schools in Dubai have been rapidly expanding.

However, the schools that follow the IB curriculum are more exclusive. The curriculum itself focuses on a holistic approach towards learning. Instead of instilling the answers within its students, it stresses kindling the spirit of seeking solutions. For a parent searching for the IB school that will be a perfect fit for their child, here is a list of considerations to make before taking the big decision.

Adherence to the IBDP Curriculum

First of all, it is essential to research before picking a school for one's child. Sometimes, the ideals cherished by a Board and its curriculum aren't followed to the T. Lackluster adherence to the IBDP curriculum will significantly reduce the board's impact in making your child grow into the person they want to be. This includes checking on the chapters taught in books and the recommended physical education and community engagement training.

The most important criterion that a school must fulfill to be eligible for your child's perfect IB school is closely following the recommended curriculum.

On-campus Diversity

The chief objective of the IBDP curriculum is to create an international standard of education that all races, cultures, and ethnicities can relate to. On principle, it aims to foster diverse cultural appreciation among its students to ensure that their worldview is multicultural and holistic. The diversity seen within a campus can be a good indicator of how well a particular school upholds these ideas.

On-campus Experience Specific to the School

A child's future largely depends on the environment in which they grow. It is necessary to have a proper idea of the environment one wants to provide for their child as a parent.

Simply following a curriculum or having something to show for cultural diversity will not be helpful for a child unless they are also provided with a safe space to form opinions, think independently, find like-minded peers, and experience a sense of security.

Does the school help in developing these? then it might be the right choice. It is necessary to consider the on-campus environment of the IBDP school that a student enrolls in, too.

The Freedom Offered to the Students for their Growth

While discipline is something that most children must be taught at a young age, they also require the space to grow, question, and learn. Restrictions are not the same as discipline, and a school that fails to distinguish between the two may not be the best fit for your child.

Apart from the sense of safety, security, and familiarity that your child will potentially enjoy in their school, it is vital to ensure that the learning culture is open enough to foster free-thinking. Of course, this is consistent with the IB educational brand, and a liberal educational environment sets the IB school experience apart.

The Values Upheld by a Specific School

This, too, is very specific to the school in question. Apart from a school's commitment to upholding the ideals, curriculum, and educational environment encouraged by the IBDP, the school's brand, ideology, et cetera are all equally important when it comes down to your child's welfare.

The core values a school wishes to inculcate within its students are essential considerations while making the correct school choice for their child.

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