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The best promotions and promotional codes of online stores at Y5Deals

The best promotions and promotional codes of online stores at Y5Deals

Y5Deals was created to help you save money. Our website contains current promotions and secret coupons that allow you to receive impressive discounts on a variety of goods and services. With the help of our free promotional codes, you can save on online purchases, as well as when visiting your favorite offline stores, restaurants, fitness clubs, and other establishments, including in the premium segment.

Use promo codes, apply coupons and get great discounts. The offer that the promo code gives is often not valid for long, so you need to have time to use the discount. However, new offers appear on our portal every day, and sure you will find the right discount for the product you are interested in. A selection of exclusive codes is updated daily and is carefully checked. That is why you always have the opportunity to enjoy profitable and enjoyable online shopping!

What is a promo code?

It is often assumed that promo codes and discounts are the same things, but a promo code is not always just a discount on a purchase. Depending on its purpose, the promotional code provides the right to different types of bonuses. It can be a gift for a selected product, free shipping, a discount on products from a certain category, or a cashback.

A promotional code is a unique set of letters and numbers, the activation of which gives the buyer the opportunity to receive a special bonus.

Often, promotional codes consist of words or digital combinations that are suitable for the theme of the store or sale. Such codes may contain the name of the store, the percentage of the discount, the name of the promotion, the year it was held, or other data. Sometimes a promotional code is made up of the name of a celebrity, brand ambassador, and the duration of the promotion. Often such a code can be found, for example, on social networks or heard on the radio. Remembering this combination of words is usually easy, but it is unlikely to guess.

Why do online stores make promo codes?

Nowadays, the volume of shopping in online stores has reached enormous proportions. It is unlikely that today you can meet an Internet user who has never made an online order. And surely you have heard, for example, about AliExpress – a huge online store where you can find products for every taste. AliExpress attracts buyers from all over the world, in particular from Russia, not only with a variety of goods. First of all, consumers go there for an abundance of profitable promotions and many discounts.

However, besides AliExpress, there are many other online stores, and they all fight for the attention of buyers, so they make profitable discounts, organize various promotions, and also arrange sales.

So, for example, special offers are made for new users. Leaving his e-mail and subscribing to the newsletter, the client can receive a personal discount by mail, as well as a special notification if the prices for the product of interest are reduced. Usually, such offers are valid for a limited time, after which the discount expires.

Online stores offer additional privileges available with a promotional code in order to increase the flow of customers. And in this constant race for the consumer, a free promotional code is one of the most effective ways to attract customers.

How safe is it to use a promo code?

Shopping online these days is easy, convenient, and profitable. And it is quite safe if you order goods from trusted online stores.

Detailed information about all our offers can be found in the relevant section. Taking advantage of the discount just got easier!

What bonuses do promo codes give?

So, a promotional code is not necessarily a discount, it can be any bonus. We have made a selection of the types of bonuses that give promotional codes. To simplify, we will consider all types of promotional codes using the example of pizzerias. Nowadays, almost all pizzerias carry out home delivery, so if you want to taste a delicious hot pizza, it is absolutely not necessary to leave the house, look for a suitable place and stand in line. You can simply place an order on the Internet, moreover, such orders can often be applied to a code, coupon, or discount. So what bonuses can be given by promotional codes for such an order?

Discount codes reduce the cost of an order by a fixed amount or by some percentage. Often, to receive this discount, you must fulfill a special condition: order several pizzas or buy a number of products for a certain amount (for example, from 700 rubles). Sometimes the code activates a discount that starts from the next order.

What these promo codes look like:

  • 20% discount on the entire order;

  • Discount of 250 AED when buying from 1000 AED;

  • 10% discount when buying 2 or more pizzas;

  • 15% discount when buying 1200 AED.

Promo codes for cashback

Cashback is a return of part of the money spent on the purchase of a product or service. A cashback code makes it possible to return a percentage of the funds spent or receive a portion of bonuses. At the same time, bonuses can be accumulated and used on the next order.

What these promo codes look like:

  • Cashback of 15% of the amount of your order;

  • Cashback of 10% when placing an order via the Internet;

  • 5% cashback for loyalty program members;

  • Cashback up to 40% of the expenses of the referred friend.

Promo codes for a gift

With these promotional codes, you can get something for free with your order. Sometimes for this, you need to order a certain pizza or make purchases for an amount not lower than a fixed one. In other cases, it doesn’t matter what you order – just apply the promo code and get a gift.

What these promo codes look like:

  • The second pizza is free with the purchase of a large 4-cheese pizza;

  • Pizza for free when buying from 200 AED;

  • Branded pizza cutter when making a large set;

  • Complimentary drink of your choice with your order.

Promo codes for free shipping

Free shipping with a promotional code is one of the most common promotions in online stores. When buying goods with such a promotional code, you do not need to go anywhere. Products will be delivered to your home free of charge. This is very convenient, and in some cases, such offers are even more profitable than a discount. If you are a new client, often such a promotional code is given not only free shipping but also a discount.

What these promo codes look like:

  • Free shipping on your order;

  • 10% discount on the first order and free shipping;

  • Minus 150 AED on the first order + free shipping;

  • Free delivery in Dubai for purchases over 100 AED.

There are many other types of bonuses that can be obtained using promotional codes. We told you about the main ones. On our service, you may also come across other offers for promotional codes that manufacturers or stores come up with themselves.

How to use a promo code?

Promo codes are widely used by various online stores. To use the discount, in the appropriate section, you need to enter the promo code at the time of purchase. When ordering on some site, and adding goods to the cart, you most likely came across a special field in which you are asked to insert a coupon or promotional code to receive a discount on the selected service or product. Thus, in order to take advantage of the discount that a promotional code gives, you just need to recognize it and enter the code value in a special field when purchasing.

Everything is very simple, right? But where to get the right promo code?

Where can I find a promo code?

Now promo codes can be found almost everywhere: on flyers, billboards, in movies, and in messages that come to your e-mail. In a word, in all types of advertising.

You can also see the promotional code on the check from the store where you just made a purchase. Usually, such a promotional code gives a discount on the next purchase. Or you can hear a promo code from your favorite blogger. As a rule, this is a personal promotional code for the celebrity nickname. With such a promotional code, you can expect a discount in the store with which this blogger cooperates.

In the end, even your friend can share with you his personal promotional code, which he received in some online store when he successfully placed an order. If you use his promotional code in the same store when making a purchase or placing an order with partner stores, you will receive a discount, and your friend will receive some kind of reward from the store for the new customer he referred to them (for example, a percentage of the cost of your purchase or another discount).

Almost all stores now use promotional codes, but how to find the coveted coupon and not spend a lot of time searching for a password that gives the desired discount? Here we come to the essence of our site.

4 reasons to visit

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!

Y5Deals is the largest online catalog of promotions and promo codes.

Millions of users have already appreciated the benefits of smart shopping with our promo codes. If somewhere there is a profitable offer, discount, or promotion available with promotional codes, we find them and add them to our catalog.

  • It’s free. To receive a discount or a bonus when shopping with a promotional code, you do not need to make any investments. We share useful information free of charge.

  • It’s comfortable. Finding a suitable coupon for a discount is very simple: use the special search form or search for products by category. After that, activate the promotional code when placing an order in the store of the selected company and get a bonus.

  • It’s fast. The coupon discount is calculated automatically. Just enter the promotional code in a special field before paying for purchases in the online store, and the cost of the order will be instantly recalculated taking into account the discount.

  • This is time-saving. You no longer need to waste time looking for suitable promotional codes – a selection of coupons has already been made by our forces.

Find out about all the new great offers that online stores make in one place!

To take advantage of discounts from our website, please read the rules for using promotional codes.

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Our partners

Not so long ago, the list of our partners reached the anniversary mark – 500 organizations. We cooperate with advertisers both directly and through partner networks. Approximately 70% of advertisers work with us through partner networks, and about 30% of partners work directly. 

Most of our direct partners are companies operating in the service sector. That is why here you can find the most profitable promotions in the “Services” section. Look also in the “Food” section – you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of profitable offers.

Why do we use cookies?

Online stores make promotions, great deals, discounts, give coupons and codes … And all this to attract new customers. In order to better understand what you need, online stores collect cookies when you are on the site and choose products. Based on the collected personal data (data about purchases, the amount of time spent in a particular section, on a particular page of the site, etc.), stores can offer discounts, make you an offer on special conditions, send coupons that are right for you, such thus increasing the number of your purchases.

Of course, whether to give consent to the processing of personal data is a decision that depends only on the user himself, but without access to this data, stores will not be able to make an offer that is beneficial for you, and discounts will not be so relevant.