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The Best FIFA 23 SBCs For Beginners

The Best FIFA 23 SBCs For Beginners

Squad Building Challenges are an important feature for getting rich in FIFA23. If you want a fancy team, sweet packs, and sexy special cards, then you should complete SBCs. The rewards vary for each SBC. Sometimes you get a certain player, sometimes a player pick, different packs, or just some items like club badges, FUT 23 coins, or jerseys. SBCs are surely addicting, and especially at the start of FIFA 23, they're essential to building a decent starter team. So in this article, let's take a look at beginner-friendly SBCs that are perfect for all FIFA 23 players!

1. Marquee Matchups

The Marquee Matchups SBC will obviously continue in FIFA 23 and is still an integral part of Ultimate Team. Every Thursday, the Squad Building Challenge is updated with the hottest matches of the upcoming weekend. Players can choose to solve either some or all of the individual challenges to unlock different rewards. If you want to become a FUT Trading God in FIFA 23, one of your best bets is the weekly Marquee Matchups SBC. With relatively few coins, you get back some packs with significantly more value.

2. Six of the Best

The Six of the Best is the second Squad Building Challenge in the Hybrid Nations section of the advanced challenges in FIFA 23. Completing this challenge will reward you with an untradeable Small Prime Gold Players Pack, which includes 6 gold players, 3 of which are rare. The challenge is easy to complete, and the only bit comes from the part where there must be exactly six nations in play. It's not a very hard task, and the remaining can be solved using two cards of the same nationalities and leagues. The challenge is quite easy to complete, given the number of fodders players have.

3. Gold Upgrade

The Gold Upgrade SBC might seem like an unexciting piece at first, but it becomes beneficial for several reasons. It costs relatively very little for players to complete and become free after some time. Players can switch their cards of little use and get two cards that will be rated at least 78 and rare in nature. The SBC allows players to trade things they do not need and get stuff that could be much more valuable.

4. Haaland's Transfer

Haaland's Transfer is the latest Squad Building Challenge (SBC) themed pack for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It's a fairly easy challenge to complete and offers decent rewards in return. The challenge especially celebrates Erling Haaland, who moved from Borussia Dortmund to Premier League champions Manchester City over the summer. This SBC is estimated to cost around 3,500 FUT Coins and will offer a non-tradable Small Rare Gold Player Pack as a reward for completion.

5. 78+ Upgrade

The 78+ Upgrade SBC was first introduced following the early access launch. There have been two variants - where it can be repeated a certain number of times and one where it can be done infinite times. The conditions have remained the same - submit six gold cards. For rewards, players will get a 78+ rated Rare Gold player, which will be untradable. This is a perfect challenge to do given how easy it is and has no extra requirements. It's great when a player has a lot of gold fodder that doesn't fit in other challenges.

It ends here. We hope this article can help you get a better experience in FIFA 23. For more content, feel free to browse our FIFA game hub.

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