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The 10 best gins from Hamburg

The 10 best gins from Hamburg

1. Gin Sul - The classic from Altona

The Gin Sul is distilled in the Altonaer Spirituosen-Manufaktur with the best ingredients: juniper, Portuguese lemons, allspice, coriander, lavender, and rosemary. The cool ceramic bottle is even available in strictly limited special editions from time to time; it is currently called Fogo du Sul and is particularly popular as a gift.

2. Knut Hansen - With apples from the old country

The team at the iconic Gin Knut Hansen takes regional production really seriously. In addition to the obligatory juniper, cucumbers and basil from Hamburg are processed and, for that special note, fruity apples from the old country. Incidentally, the Lokstedt factory also offers gin tastings.

3. Hamburg Zanzibar Gin - Best flavored gin in the world

The best-flavored gin in the world comes from a small still in Hamburg: Hamburg-Zanzibar Tumeric No. 1 was voted “World's Best Flavored” at the World Gin Awards 2021. The taste is extraordinary due to the wild turmeric, Tumeric Gin & red pepper: It is probably the only gin in the world that is distilled with turmeric.

4. Tonka gin - Gin from Hamburg with Tonka beans

The Tonka Gin is made in a small distillery near Hamburg and each bottle is lovingly numbered by hand. What is special about this gin: It is flavored with tonka beans and thus has a very special taste.

5. Just fine gin - Gin from Hamburg with a hemp flavor

The special thing about Just Fine Gin ( buy here ) is not only the origin from Hamburg but also the special taste. During production, hemp is soaked in pure alcohol for 72 hours and, together with oranges, a perfect gin is composed. There are also other editions of Just Fine, even without hemp. Right now the bottles are hard to come by.

6. Hook gin - 44 percent gin from Sankt Pauli

Sankt Pauli has it all - and now also its own Hook Gin: apart from the juniper, the distillate is refined with oranges from Santanyi on Mallorca. Also with coriander and lemons from southern Italy. The simple, clear bottle looks great in every home bar and is perfect as a gift.

7. 5 Continents Dry Gin - With 22 botanicals from 5 continents

The 5 continents gin does not come directly from Hamburg - but very close by. Brenner Fabian Rohrwasser produces the gin at Gut Basthorst from 22 botanicals from all five continents . Including ginger and cardamom seeds, eucalyptus, mate, lavender flowers, and iris roots. The gin in the beautiful bottle is 100% certified organic.

8. 20457 Hafencity Gin - Hamburg gin from the Hafencity

The Hamburg boys René Wolf and Antonio Fabrizi produced the first bottle of Hafencity Gin in 2017 and only use the best botanicals for it. Including kaffir lime leaves, oranges, nutmeg, and cubeb pepper. Recently there was a special edition, the Barrel-Aged Montego Bay with 57% alcohol.

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Hamburg Zanzibar

Hamburg Zanzibar

Stadtrand & Co. GmbH

Hamburg-Zanzibar distills a very special spirit: Tumeric Gin, distilled with the best turmeric for an absolutely extraordinary drinking experience. Travel from Hamburg to Zanzibar in just one sip.


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