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Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes By Applying Vastu shastra In Your home

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes By Applying Vastu shastra In Your home

Ravi was an NRI and did not know the basics of Vastu shastra for home in real life, which is why he built a house without following any of the rules of Vastu. Soon after, he realized that there are many problems that he had to encounter in his daily life. Sometimes things broke, or sometimes some disturbances were natural. Soon after, he visited an astrologer for the best Vastu Shastra predictions. He notices immediate solutions to all his problems after following whatever the astrologer said.

Although Vastu Shastra is rarely known and often overlooked, it is still essential for your home. As a branch of ancient science and architecture in India, the basic principles of Vastu shastra for home ensure that your home will attract positive energy for a pleasant life. Good Vastu ensures the health, wealth, the spiritual and emotional well-being of all living members, and therefore creating a balanced environment is essential to achieve this. The five key elements – 

  • fire 
  • water
  • air
  • earth 
  • space 

These elements must be in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, modern homeowners move into ready-made apartments and houses. However, these Vastu home tips are a great place to start before deciding to rent or buy a home that will help you bring harmony into your life.

Following Vastu Shastra for home, you can attract positive energy and dispel any negative energy lurking around your house

The main entrance to your home is where energy comes and goes. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the main door is facing the right direction. Positive energy thrives in bright places, so avoid keeping the room in front of the main entrance dark. Also, make sure the door opens inward. It must be north, east, or northeast. When you leave your house, you have to go north through the main door. Avoid painting the main door black or placing water-centered elements nearby. Do not place shoe racks or trash cans near you. 

Instead, decorate with fertilizer or markings and immediately feel the good vibes. Most of the activities in your home, including social gatherings, are concentrated in your living room. Place large furniture to the west or southwest of your living room.

According to Vastu Shastra in Hindi, you must make sure your living room faces north, east, or northeast. According to experts, the northwest is also cheap. If mirrors are part of your home decor, make sure they are mounted on the north wall. Electronics should always be located in the southwest direction. A bedroom designed with the right area brings positivity and strengthens the bond between the couple for a harmonious relationship. 

Therefore, your bedroom should face southwest. Your bed should also be in the southwest corner. Choose earthy and earthy colors for your bedroom as they radiate positivity. Avoid placing the television or mirror in front of your bed. Plus, subtle lighting brings your mood to life and invites you to relax.

Vastu shastra for home has always been the primary thought of every traditional Indian because of its mind-blowing importance

Your puja room is a place of mediation and peace. The puja room in the east or northeast area of ​​your home is great for spiritual activities. White, yellow, cream, and green are the perfect colors for this room. Be sure to decorate the puja altar with plenty of fertilizer and fresh flowers. Use incense to create that zen atmosphere. According to Vastu Shastra for home, God of Fire, Agni rules the southeast of the houses. This is why this area is ideal for the kitchen. 

If you can't specify it here, northwest is also a good choice. Do not place the stove near a water source. Your kitchen shouldn't be facing the toilet either, and make sure you never share the same wall with it. Strategically place your refrigerator in the southwest direction of your kitchen space. All this ensures that your family stays healthy. Just a few changes here and there make for a balanced environment. Follow these Vastu Shastra tips and turn your house into a home! Do you need help with interior design to suit Vastu? Then visit our website and arrange a consultation.

Home is the safest place to visit, and when we invest in buying a house/property, we want it to be perfect in every way, including Vastu shastra. This ancient science of architecture and buildings has been a part of buildings for centuries, and we all believe in it. But there are hundreds of ideas out there, and you are not sure what to build in your new home or what to consider when buying a new home from Vaastu.

Some of the tips based on Vastu Shastra for home, which will help you to build a positive and peaceful home environment

So, here are some Vastu tips for home to keep in mind to ensure your home conforms to Vaastu Shastra. However, if you are one of those who do not believe in Vaastu, it can be very helpful because it will increase your home's resale in a country like India.

So, first of all, if you are laying the first brick of your house on a plot of land, then bhumi pooja or land worship is very important. This is considered very important and is meant to promote a good start and a restful stay. We pray to the sun god, and since the sun rises in the east, it is considered auspicious. Therefore, the main entrance must always be in the east. It is said that it brings positive energy into the house and happiness beyond that. 

Remember to avoid properties with doors facing southwest as this is an intrusion of evil energy and brings struggle and misfortune. However, if the main entrance of your house is facing southwest, then install 2 Hanumanji tiles with Mace in your left hand in front of the door. It will drive away all evil as per Vastu for house.

All rooms must follow the Vastu shastra for home so that the people living in the house can thrive and become successful

The master bedroom should be in the southwest corner of the house facing east. However, bedrooms in the west or southwest are not that bad because they bring material benefits to their owners. If you are an entrepreneur or realtor, a master bedroom is recommended at this point. Bedrooms to the northwest increase the owner's support from family, friends, and the community. Avoid bedrooms facing east-southeast, west-northwest, south-southwest, southeast, northeast, and north-northeast. 

According to Vastu shastra for home, food should be cooked in the east. The southeast corner is the best for the kitchen. In this context, we said at the outset that the main entrance should also be in the east. The house should be built to face east, but not directly in front of the main entrance. The bathroom/toilet can be on the west or northwest side of the house. Remember that the toilet should not be located in the east or northeast of the house. 

Finally, try placing the bathroom window on the north or east side because the morning sun that shines on the body after bathing is good for health. We hope these Vastu tips will help you build your perfect home. When you connect with an astrologer they can help you with free astrology predictions in every way.

However, if you are buying a ready-made house, there are many important tips to consider. The sink should also be kept away from the corners of the house, and the prayer hall in the northeast is recommended.

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