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How to start a computer business in the USA?

How to start a computer business in the USA?

The computer-building business has reached its maturity level, yet it conceives fruits for those who wish to start a computer business. With a deeper penetration in the market, one can easily build a wide customer base.
There are some educational institutes, gamers, and doctors who are all set to spend thousands of dollars to get a computer with tailor-made specifications. You can create a functional PC with customer-centric specifications and earn a good amount of dollars with your computer business in the US. 

Thinking of starting a PC building business in the United States?
What to step in the PC industry? But don’t know how? Then this post is for you. 
This post answers - how to start a computer building business in the US.

Starting a pc building business in the United States is a good idea. Check the below-mentioned steps on how to start a computer building business in the US, to seize higher profits.

Steps to Start a Computer Building Business in the USA

•    Check your Skills and Expertise

Before starting a computer building business in the US, one needs to check the skills and expertise. This can be done using the questions given by the Small Business Administration particularly for the evaluation of skills and experience. 
To start a computer business, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the product, industry skills, an attractive online or offline store, customer-convincing skills, and a good network. 
You can research and try for an appropriate business model or apply for a franchise to buy and sell computers/laptops

•    Market Research & Analysis

Starting a PC building business in the United States demands in-depth market research. This allows you to formulate business strategies and appropriate decisions. 
Resources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American FactFinder website, and website offer reliable information that can be very helpful in the identification of target groups, formulation of marketing strategies, and conversion of potential buyers into permanent customers. 

•    Training and Certification

To start a computer business in the USA, you must be an authorized reseller. For this, you must obtain certification training and resources from leading vendors like IBM, HP, Microsoft, etc. 
Apart from certification, training will boost your confidence, and knowledge and build trust with the customers. 
A+ certification advocates your expertise in computer repair and building from scratch. 

3 Devise a Business Plan
Devising a business plan is extremely important to start a computer business in the USA. This includes a broad description of your business, marketing strategies, products & services, and financial resources. A good business plan paves the way to success.

•    Find a Legal Structure and Get Tax ID number

Finalize a legal structure to start your computer company in the US. After deciding to set up a partnership or sole proprietorship or limited liability corporation, you need to name your computer company followed by the registration of the name.
After that, you need to apply and get a tax identification number/Employer Identification Number. Employer Identification Number is a 9 digits number obtained from the IRS. To obtain the same, you need to visit the IRS website or contact the concerned agent. 

Why Tax ID Number?
The number is required to open a business account, pay your federal, state, and local taxes, hire employees and get a business loan. Sometimes, you may need to present a tax ID number to your supplier of wholesale parts for the verification of your computer business in the USA.
To purchase computer parts from within the state where you want to start a computer business, you need to obtain a reseller tax ID. For details on legal needs, contact the SBA (

•    Find Wholesalers and Distributors

The next step to start a computer business in the US is to search for the best wholesalers and offshore distributors such as or Ec21 who provide quality computer parts to computer builders. 
Try for some unique computer parts that may help you devise a completely different computer. When compared to the functions and looks of a standard computer in stores, your computer must be of higher weightage. 

•    Build a website and Set up a store
Build a website for your computer business to upload information and images of your business, products & services, and prices. You can hire a web designer for the ultimate attractive look of your website for the computer business. 

•    Promotion and Advertisement

Meet potential customers through promotions and advertisements using different marketing methods. Building a network for business referrals, advertising the business on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter, and placing advertisements in digital magazines or local newspapers are some of the prevailing methods to promote computer business in the USA.
Fliers listing all the products & services and emailing with discount coupons also draw the attention of the customers. 

Hope this guide on how to start a computer-building business in the US will be helpful for you to kick-start your computer-building business in a well-structured and standard manner. All the best!
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