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Spare Car Tyres: What All Motorcar Owners Need to Understand

Spare Car Tyres: What All Motorcar Owners Need to Understand

Spare car tyres are important for all on-road drivers. They provide safety as well as security plus saving the motorcar owners money when spending extra on routine repairs. Nevertheless, replacing the motorcar tyre is not as simple as simply pulling it from the boot and mounting it on the wheels. To ensure the motorcar is safe as well as roadworthy when driving with a spare unit, there are some things that everyone needs to consider first.

Maintaining the spare motorcar tyre

To keep spare motor Car tyres in Bromsgrove in the best condition, car owners will have to opt for regular checks. Below, you can discover the most crucial factors that motorcar owners need to check:

Air Pressure

Motorcar tyre air pressure needs routine checking. If the air pressure drops well below the proper level, then the motorcar tyre will face underinflation. Such a situation can lead to a decrease in performance as well as an increase in overall fuel consumption. Also, an average spare motorcar tyre needs to maintain a pressure of about 60 pounds PSI (per square inch).

Rotating the Motorcar Tyres

All Motorcar tyres need rotation after driving six to nine thousand miles. Moreover, it even includes the spare motorcar tyres too if you have been using them for some time. Also, the rotation of motorcar tyres requires a certain set of patterns that depends on the type of car you drive. The left ones can become the right side tyres or the back-end variants will require transferring to the front. As a result, always consult with a tyre expert once before rotating motorcar tyres.

Check the age as well as the condition of the car tyre

The overall age of a motorcar tyre can reveal to anyone whether they require replacement or not. Older motorcar tyres tend to wear off faster when comparing them to newer variants. Generally, older motorcar tyres will offer much less grip, therefore make sure that the replacement is complete before they become unsafe to drive. If someone does not want to buy a new set of car tyres, then they can utilise the indicator gauge to know when is the right time to change their units. These tyre indicators slide in between the tyres and allow you to determine the available tread. If you don't have this tool, then contact a local garage to know what kind of TWI indicators they have. If someone is unsure about the overall condition of their tyres, then always contact a reliable tyre provider.

Always keep the motorcar puncture repair kit

One of the most significant things car owners can do is to carry a puncture repair kit whenever they drive. Motorcar puncture repair kits include all the necessary tools they will need to repair punctures fast. These kits include air compressors, sealants plus a wheel brace as well as a patch kit and the car jack. Make certain that your motorcar has all these items in its boot wherever you tyre to drive on roads. If the spare tyres also obtain a puncture, then the car owners must use the repair kit to reach safety.

Check if the motorcar tyres are the right fit

Before someone starts mounting their spare tyre, check if the tyre is the right fit for the wheels. Some motorcars come with various sizes of spare tyres. This ensures you obtain the right one for your motorcar model. In most circumstances, the motorcar owner can check the model of the spare car tyre by examing the side of their tyres well. Most motorcar tyre models will come with a sticker as well as a label which tells the buyers about its information.

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How long can someone drive their motorcar with a spare tyre?

The answer to this question is not set. A good piece of advice is to drive the motorcar with a spare tyre for about 50 miles, at a max speed of about 50mph. Most spare motorcar Tyres in Bournville have a narrow tread to promote less hassle on the roads. However, if someone plans on travelling for long distances, then it will be best to take the second set of car wheels with them.

Stay safe

The spare motorcar tyre will not promote that same level of wear as comparing them to other tyres. This problem can impact overall driving performance as well as put the owner in danger when driving on the roads.

Always try to review a wide range of car tyres to see if they will be perfect for the road conditions as well as the weather conditions in which you drive.