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Six Ways to Restart Razer Synapse If It Doesn't Open

Six Ways to Restart Razer Synapse If It Doesn't Open

1. Reinstalling Razer Synapse and Razer device drivers

Razer device drivers may be the cause of Synapse 3 or X not opening properly on your PC. As a result, you can easily reinstall the Synapse program and the Razer device drivers by following the instructions in the guide below.

choose Device Manager:

2. Double-click the Mice and other pointing devices, Keyboards, and Human Interface Devices categories on the Device Manager window.


3. Right-click all the Razer devices listed in those categories, and select the Uninstall device options on their context menus.

uninstall-device-keyboard razer synapse not opening

4. Select the Delete the driver software for this device option on the dialog box window that pops up for each Razer device then press the Uninstall button to confirm.


5. Unplug all the connected Razer devices for a few minutes. Then restart your desktop or laptop.

6. Plug the Razer devices back in after restarting Windows. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers for the devices.

Some problems are challenging to resolve, particularly when it comes to missing or corrupted Windows files or corrupted repositories. It's possible that your system is partially damaged if you're having problems correcting an error.

2. Don’t install Razer Surround with Synapse

  1. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R.
  2. Enter appwiz.cpl in Run’s text box, and click OK to open the window shown directly below.
  3. Select Razer Surround, and click Uninstall to remove it from Windows.
    remove razer software razer synapse failed to start

Reinstalling the software should be able to help you if Razer Central Service is the reason of the software's inability to launch.


In order to prevent any compatibility problems, you need also to download Razer Synapse from the official website. Just make sure you choose the most recent version.

3. Put in the newest version of Microsoft.NET Framework.

Because NET Framework is a must for Razer Synapse, Razer Synapse 3 might not launch if NET Framework isn't installed.

The most recent.NET Framework for Synapse 3.0 may need to be installed if an older version is already set up. Get the most recent.NET Framework installation wizard. The installer for Windows' most recent.NET Framework can then be opened.

4. Turn off third-party antivirus/ Windows Defender Firewall

  1. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. Enter firewall.cpl in Run, and press the OK button. That will open the Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel applet.

  1. Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

4. Then select both the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall radio buttons, and click the OK button.

Other problems with Razer Synapse include freezing, which can also be brought on by third-party antivirus programs and the Windows Defender Firewall. So disabling third-party antivirus programs and the Windows Defender Firewall may also help to repair Razer Synapse


Selecting the deactivate option from the context menu of the system tray icons for most third-party antivirus programs will temporarily turn them off. To disable Windows Defender Firewall, stick to the instructions above. 

To avoid problems of this nature, you might instead think about using an antivirus with a firewall.

5. Close Razer processes

  1. Right-click the Taskbar, and select Task Manager.
  2. Then select any Razer processes listed under background processes, and click End task to close them.
    task manager razer synapse not working
  3. Thereafter, close the Task Manager and run Synapse as an administrator.

Some Synapse users have confirmed that closing Razer processes before opening Synapse 3.0 can help if Razer Synapse is not working. To do that, just follow the above steps.

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6. Check for Windows Updates

  1. Open the Cortana app by clicking the Type here to search button on Windows 10’s taskbar.
  2. Enter the keyword update in Cortana’s search box. Then click Check for updates.
  3. There you can press the Check for updates button to see if there are any available updates.
  4. Restart the OS after updating Windows.

Windows updates might also help if Razer Synapse won’t open. The updates are usually automatic unless you’ve adjusted Windows Update settings, but you might still miss a few.

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