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Sell ​​More Tickets – 10 Tips!

Sell ​​More Tickets – 10 Tips!

Sell ​​more e-Tickets with these 10 Tips. Selling tickets online is accessible to everyone. But how do you make sure it really is a success? Two hands full of practical tips and tricks to boost your ticket sales!

1. Start on time

Make sure you start the sale and information provision well in advance. People are busy these days, agendas are full and different activities are pitted against each other. If they already have something else then you are fishing behind the net.

But there is also a second, more technical reason: online sales via the Internet take some time to find their way; for example, before your site and the ticket shop are well in Google!

2. Come up with a strategy

Randomly scattering with websites addresses, facebook pages, telephone numbers, ticket shop URLs, telephone numbers, twitter accounts, email addresses, etc. does not seem to work well. It is better to have 1 central point where you can list everything properly and from there you can purchase e-tickets (and possibly obtain additional information). So first choose what will be that one central point for you! Typically this is your own website, but a facebook page is also very much in vogue. Make sure that this is in order and lead all interested parties to that place.

3. Provide enough information

It may be clear to you what will happen at your event. But that certainly doesn't have to be the case for a random visitor! Start very simply and clearly with what it is about: dance party, performance, ballet performance, housing fair, evening course, etc. Name man and horse. Who's coming; main act, support act, guest appearances, speakers. What else is there to do for the visitor?

What is the reason, has it been around longer, was it a success last time, how many people were there at the time? How long does it take, and what kind of location is it? What is there to eat and drink? What is the style or atmosphere? What can the visitor do? How many bands or singers are there, how many stalls are there? etc etc. Is it a closed or an open event? Is there catering, how does the transport work, parking?

In short: inform your potential visitor fully!

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4. Make sure that presale is profitable

Some people are reluctant to buy early; “That will come, it is also possible on the day itself”. As an organizer you do not know how many people are coming, you do not know your budget until the day itself, you have to work at the entrance (while you are already so busy), etc. Therefore make sure that your visitor also has an advantage has in online sales (or just suppose there is no physical sales!). Offers a discount, no queue, an extra gift, better seats, or guaranteed entry.

5. Use social media

Depending on your target group, increasingly the means to approach and inform people are social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It is not a matter of sending a message once and “one will come”. No, regular communication and teasing your audience is what is needed.

Tip: Create a Facebook community

Creating a Facebook page for your organization or event is an absolute must. Collect as many followers (likers) as possible and share information, involve them in everything, give away news, start a contest, etc. A close group of people/supporter is the way to get the first crowd to your event. These are the ambassadors to pass on.

In addition, you can create an event on Facebook and use the link to your ticket sales!

6. Suggest scarcity

When you can tempt people to buy tickets now, you know where you stand, you are sure of your income and a cozy full house. You can do this by creating scarcity, or at least suggesting it. You can simply say CLEARED = CLEAR, Full = Full. In other words: if you order online now, you are assured of access, but if you wait too long or only want to buy a ticket at the cash register, you may be missing out. Another option is to show that ticket sales are going well ('already sold 75%'). Finally, you can offer the first tickets (or the first week of sale) cheaper. Soon those first tickets are sold out and then you report this on the ticket shop/facebook / website: 'Early Bird tickets SOLD OUT'

7. Ticket shop in order

Make sure your ticket shop looks neat and familiar. For example, the colors in the style of your website, an image that belongs to the event. But keep it classy! Above all, provide sufficient information in a neat manner (tip 2)

8. Clear link to the sales page

Make sure you don't have to look for where the tickets can be sold. Place a clear link, or rather a button, with a text such as 'Order your tickets here (and the link leads to the ticket shop).

9. Give a little something extra

People love presents and free things. So a drink, or giving away a gadget is always good.

“When you hand in your e-Ticket, you will receive 2 consumption vouchers”.

“The new single from the Singer with Name for free after the concert!”

10. Resell as long as possible

Last-minute orders are becoming more common. Nowadays people are used to ordering a ticket an hour in advance or deciding “to go anyway” on the day of a trade fair. If this is not a problem in terms of logistics or organization, let the sale continue until just before or during the event.


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