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Scholarships Offered by the Ahmedabad CBSE School and Their Benefits.


Top schools in Ahmedabad provide scholarships to deserving students to reduce the financial strain on their parents. These scholarships are the stepping stones that help students reach their academic goals.

We share with you the four scholarships offered at the Ahmedabad CBSE schools and 5 ways how scholarships benefit students:

Scholarships offered at Ahmedabad CBSE schools:

Global Citizen Scholarship

The Ahmedabad CBSE school offers this scholarship to distinguished students to help in their future growth. It gives students easier access to reputed universities. It also opens the doors for prominent undergraduate programs of their choice.

The scholarship finances the education, living, and boarding expenses of students at the school campus for 2 years. Students can complete their 11th and 12th-grade education at the school campus with the help of this scholarship.

Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

This scholarship also offers deserving students easy access to reputed universities. Students get an opportunity to enroll in prominent undergraduate programs of their choice. It provides a favorable environment for students to grow in every aspect and excel academically.

It helps reduce the cost of education, allows students to study in a country of their choice, and enriches their learning experience.

9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

This talent-based scholarship at the top schools in Ahmedabad is awarded to qualifying students. It recognizes skills in:

  • Academics
  • Sports
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Community care
  • Personality development
  • Universal values and ethics
  • Skill development

Students from 6th to 12th grade can apply for this scholarship. It is valid for a year and waives a certain percentage of the tuition fees.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the talent of students in the field of technology. It encourages them to gain in-depth knowledge of technology and digital space.

It is valid for a year and waives off a certain percentage of the tuition fees. 

5 ways how scholarships benefit students:

Scholarships reduce financial strain

Thanks to scholarships, students get a chance to fulfill their academic dreams. As opposed to loans, students are under no obligation to repay a scholarship aid. This helps them select a course of their choice and focus on enhancing their talents.

Scholarships help students concentrate on their goals

Once the finances are taken care of, students only need to concentrate on their goals. Scholarships free their minds of stress and help them work hard to improve their grades.

Scholarships help gain admission to universities

 Scholarships promote talented students and help them find easy access to reputed universities. This improves their chance of a brilliant career.

Scholarships help in personality development

Students undergo many interviews and tests to qualify for a scholarship. They receive guidance and support from knowledgeable minds. Such an enriching experience helps in their overall personality development.

Scholarships help improve academic performance

The hard work students put in after getting a scholarship improves their overall academic performance, thanks to the exposure and guidance they receive.


Scholarships are a valuable asset for students. This helps improves their academic performance and opens doors to excellent opportunities for their further education. It is, therefore, important to apply for the right scholarship at school and reap its benefits.

Ritu Jaiswal

Ritu Jaiswal


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