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Save your tyres from tread wear for better driving experience

Save your tyres from tread wear for better driving experience

Proper tread is essential for your car tyres. You have to change your tyre after observing the signs of tread wear. New tyres come with a thick wall of tread rubber that functions like a protective layer. Moreover, grooves, blocks and sips are essential for car tyres because of the need for traction on both wet and dry roads. Moreover, tyre tread enhances the ability of car tyres to displace extra water.

You have to maintain proper tread depth in your Tyres Ashford because of these reasons. According to experts, nothing is riskier than driving a vehicle on bald tyres. Therefore, whenever you notice signs of tread wear, visit a dealer to buy new tyres.

Are your tyres facing tread wear?

A lot of car owners drive their cars on bald tyres fearlessly. Therefore, a lot of road accidents take place only because of the inefficiency of car tyres.

Tyre wear is a natural process. New tyres come with optimum tread depth but gradually they lose the tread depth. At the same time, the tyres indicate that they are unable to run on roads with optimum efficiency.

The minimum legal limit of tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm. It means that you cannot drive your car when your tyres reach this limit. This limit of tread depth indicates serious tread wear. Therefore, the Government wants you to change your tyres before they reach the legal limit.

Measurement of tread depth

You have to keep an eye on the tread by measuring the tread depth regularly.

Most new models of car tyres come with tyre wear bars. These small bars are visible when your tyres face tread wear. Therefore, you can easily detect the issue of tread wear if you look at the tread wear bars in your tyres regularly.

Moreover, measuring the tread depth is easy with the help of a penny coin. By placing the coin into the grooves, you may have an idea about the tread wear. If the head of the coin is visible, your tyres are certainly facing tread wear.

Another idea to check the tread depth is using a tread depth gauge. This device provides correct measurement of the tread depth if you follow the instructions of the manual.

Why is it essential to check tread depth?

You must check the tread depth because of the following negative effects:

Bald tyres face overheating:

A large area of tread rubber will be in contact with the road surface. As a result, more heat and friction will take place to degrade the tyre rubber. This condition is not favourable for car tyres because of the risk of blowouts. Moreover, heat is responsible for increasing air pressure in car tyres as well.

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Bald tyres are more prone to punctures:

Providing proper grip and traction is not the only function of tyre tread. The presence of a thick wall of tread rubber protects the tyres from sharp objects. Sharp objects like iron nails or screws can easily pierce the body of bald tyres.

Bald tyres cannot save you from hydroplaning:

Bald tyres would not be effective on wet surfaces. Scattering water is the main function of a rain-friendly tread pattern. Even if you are driving on rain-friendly tyres, they would not displace water effectively in the absence of proper tread depth. Therefore, driving on bald tyres in rainy conditions is not free of risks.

Bald tyres are risky in snowy conditions:

Even if you are driving with effective snow tyres; you are not free of risks of slush planning if your tyres are facing tread wear. Improper tread depth and the absence of sipes will allow slush to accumulate underneath snow tyres. As a result, they would not be able to displace slush to save you from skidding.

Bald tyres cannot stop your vehicle instantly:

When you apply car brakes, your tyres also play an important role in stopping the vehicle. They perform this vital function with the help of proper tread pattern and tread depth. Bald tyres are unable to provide better grip to stop your tyres at the correct distance. Therefore, driving on bald tyres is surely dangerous.

Bald tyres may face blowouts:

Bald tyres do not have a thick wall of rubber because of the absence of proper tread depth. Therefore, factors like heat and friction degrade the rubber material quickly. As a result, bald tyres may face a tyre blowout at any moment. As you see, bald tyres may increase the risk of road accidents on roads because of several issues. Therefore, you must change your tyres after observing signs of tread wear.

Is tread wear repairable?

No, tread wear is not repairable. Tread wear on tyres means that the entire rubber of your tyres is facing degradation. Repairing the tread of the entire circumference is not possible. Therefore, you have only one option and that is to change the tyres as soon as possible.

Preventive maintenance

After the occurrence of tread wear, repairing this issue is not possible. Therefore, you have to adopt practices of preventive maintenance to keep the tread depth stable for a long time. Save your tyres Ashford heat because heat is the main factor to degrade the rubber material. Moreover, check the air pressure because the wrong inflation level also promotes the rate of tread wear in tyres. Just like air pressure, checking wheel alignment is also a vital step of preventive maintenance.

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