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Read This Information If You Want A Caucasian Shepherd Puppy

Read This Information If You Want A Caucasian Shepherd Puppy

The goals to have a pet dog may be different for every person. Some people like watchdogs and others want to have a pet dog for personal amusement. According to these goals, dog shops sell a lot of breeds of dogs with different sizes, shapes, features, and temperaments.

This breed is an ideal guard dog and it is suitable to protect property and domestic animals like sheep. This dog is not a humble and adorable little puppy but it is included in giant breeds of dogs. It needs proper training before you finally adopt it as a family pet or a watchdog.

Brief history

This ancient dog breed guarded livestock in the Caucasus Mountains for nearly 1000 years. Thus, they developed a natural tendency to protect. Even nowadays, most dog owners buy them as watchdogs. Dog trainers also train to protect the property and livestock.


Once these pet dogs recognize their masters and companions (other pets), they protect them fiercely. At the same time, they will attract strangers because of a natural tendency of a watchdog. Experts say that keeping this breed is not easy for a first-time dog owner due to its fierce temperament. This loyal and powerful dog type needs enough training and time to learn social skills.

A properly trained dog is very loyal and social with its friends but you cannot expect the same behavior while it is with strangers. So, you have to be careful about the temperament of your Caucasian dog.

Diet and nutrition

Proper diet and nutrition for a Caucasian Shepherd puppy depend on its weight. We observe that the largest Caucasian dog may weigh up to 170 pounds. At this weight, the dog required 6 cups of food per day. Moreover, you have to design the schedule of food with the dog expert or veterinarian doctor. These dogs are prone to obesity. Thus, proper supervision of an expert or doctor is essential.

The food for this breed should be rich in protein. Moreover, keeping their body hydrated is also necessary. Thus, they need plenty of water every day as well.


This breed is uncontrollable if it does not get proper training. Caucasian dogs are sometimes stubborn. Therefore, only smart and experienced trainers should train them. Skilled trainers use confirmed methods to train these dogs. Since these dogs are very smart and loyal, soon, they start to follow the instructions.

During the training, the trainer teaches the dog to respect the family members. Moreover, learning social skills is also a part of its training session. Taking the dog out of home is a good idea to develop social skills. These dogs are aggressive in front of strangers. Thus, it is better if they are familiar with the people and environment of your place.

Experts say that you must keep your dog behind you while you talk outside. It signifies that you are the leader and not the dog. These strong dogs should not go outside with children or elderly persons who are not able to handle this dog.

This breed of dog is quite energetic. Thus, your pet dog can walk several miles. So, the master of this dog has to be energetic as well.


As mentioned above, the Caucasian dog is a natural watchdog because of its natural tendency to protect. If your goal is protection, you require little training to teach them to protect their masters and livestock. This dog is fierce to attack and he can stand straight on his back legs to attack the face of the stranger. Aggression is this breed’s natural trait. Thus, you must teach them social skills along with boosting their protective nature.

Health concerns

Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia are some common health problems that these dogs face. These diseases are more common in heavier dogs. A vet doctor may diagnose the problem with a proper checkup if the dog is uncomfortable because of his improper joint functions.

As you see, this dog breed is fierce to have but it is loyal and protective at the same time as well. You require proper training and care if you want to adopt a Caucasian shepherd puppy as a pet or watchdog.

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

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