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Putting Greens in Backyard

Putting Greens in Backyard

For many people, the idea of putting greens in backyard locations is an unattainable dream, but it has become easier to install a synthetic putting green at home than ever before. For golf enthusiasts who are looking to greatly improve their game, a practice putting area can be ideal and far less expensive than they think.

Residential Putting Green Installation

One of the first questions that you will need to answer before getting started is how to install a putting green at home. Primarily, this can be answered depending on how big of a do-it-yourself project you can handle, or how much you prefer for a professional green installer to complete the job for you. Obviously, this will have a big impact on the cost of green installation, but you want to make sure that the final putting area is something that you will be able to practice for years to come.

Bentgrass vs. Artificial Turf Putting Green

Next, you need to decide which type of putting green turf you are going to use. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different options that you have for your green.

Ideally, bentgrass putting green lawn will provide the best approximation of a real golf course, but there are several issues with this idea. To begin with, it will take some serious time for the grass to grow to its full density to make it usable. In addition, the weather region where you live can make bentgrass maintenance nearly impossible. If the weather is too consistently hot, or your part of the country gets occasional watering droughts that don’t allow for sprinklers, then your hard-grown turf will dry out and turn to dust.

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This is why most people choose backyard putting green kits that use synthetic turf. While everyone would love to have their own real grass area for practice, a backyard artificial putting green will guarantee you years of enjoyment no matter what your weather region or season of the year. Even when it has snowed hard, all you would have to do is sweep off the turf and start putting it all over again.

If you are considering installing putting greens for backyard practice, then you will be pretty much ready to get started with the design work once you have the questions above answered. Real or artificial? DIY or professional residential green installer? Now the fun part starts.

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