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Problem With LG TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Problem With LG TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

If you've ever had your costly LG TV fails to connect to Wi-Fi while you're trying to watch Netflix or use the LG app store, you'll understand why we felt the need to write this post.

The top recommendations on how to fix your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi are:

  1. Restart your TV or router.
  2. Modify the Time and Date Settings
  3.  Change DNS settings to
  4. Disable the Quick Start and Simple features.
  5. Straighten the wires leading to the Wi-Fi module.

Why won't my LG TV connect to Wi-Fi?

When faced with a problem such as your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, there are a number of potential causes that must be eliminated one by one in order to locate the issue.

Most Wi-Fi connectivity issues can be resolved with a simple reboot of either the TV or the router, but it is possible that it is due to issues with your Internet service or, very rarely, physical hardware failings in your home network or TV.

How do I connect my LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi?

To connect your LG TV to your Wi-Fi network, turn it on and, whenever it's ready, press the Smart, Menu, or Settings tab, depending on your remote.

 Locate the Network submenu and select "Start Connection." Your TV should then instantly search for Wi-Fi networks. If everything is in order, you should be prompted for a password.

Fixing the LG Smart TV WiFi Won’t Turn On Issue

When your Wi-Fi on your LG TV refuses to activate, you can usually resolve the issue by rebooting your TV; however, in some cases, you may need to perform a full power down and restart.

 If neither of those things works, unfortunately, you are probably looking at a faulty Wi-Fi module. You can also try doing the following:

  1. Reset your TV or router. Unplug your TV from the wall, wait about 1 minute, then plug it in again. This will reset your TV and hopefully fix the Wi-Fi problem. Keep your router plugged in. Find its reset button. Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Release the button and wait for the router to power back on.  
  2. Turn off the Quick Start and Simplify options. On your remote, simply go to Settings>All Settings>General>Quick Start/Simple>Off.
  3.  Factory reset your LG TV. On your remote, go to Home > Settings>General Menu > Reset to Initial Settings.


How to Reset Wi-Fi on an LG Smart TV

The simplest way to reset the Wi-Fi on your LG smart TV is to turn it off.

 If you want to be extra careful, disconnect the power supply and leave the TV for a minute or two to ensure it is properly turned off.

 Conclusion : 

The location of your wireless router can have a significant impact on the distance of your wireless signals, and customer service will answer any additional questions about LG Repair Service Center and provide assistance.                                                                                                                                             

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