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Portable scanner XDS-P for Xerox Duplex

Portable scanner XDS-P for Xerox Duplex

Because paper trails still exist in our fast-paced, business-oriented digital world, business workers desire a digital scanner that can handle the constant influx of paper documents, both in the office and on the go. Every document you scan, including business cards, invoices, and financial records, must be accurate. The best tool for releasing information bound to paper is the Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner. A business card or documents up to 8.5" (216 mm) wide and 118" (2997 mm) long can be scanned using this versatile scanner, and the files are saved in the popular file types PDF and JPG.

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The scanner comes with a powerful software package that can handle your company's important data and turn it into searchable and editable information. Drivers for TWAIN or ISIS make it possible.
The front high-resolution LCD display is integrated with the Visioner OneTouch interface, which streamlines procedures with predetermined destinations at the touch of a button and displays preset information on the eight distinct scanner setups.
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The Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner is compatible with both PC and Mac systems and can be powered by two USB connections or a wall connection (provided). Depending on the situation, a front-fed document can be set up to exit the multi-page ADF from the front or the back. The scanner trays fold up when not in use for portability and a smaller footprint. The Duplex Travel Scanner converts into a potent desktop scanner when the trays are opened, offering competitive duty cycles of 1,000 sheets each day and speeds of up to 20 pages per minute (40 IPM). (Note: AC power is preferable to USB power for optimal performance.) Users of Mac devices may start using our products right away because we offer the most feature-rich TWAINTM driver currently available on the market, ICA support, and a straightforward yet powerful Scan Utility. ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint is the OCR solution for both platforms.
Any size organization in any area, from healthcare and legal to insurance and finance, can benefit from using the Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner. It is a thorough method of handling data management that is crucial to business operations.

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The XDS-P offers a 24-bit external color depth for clear and detailed scans and is designed for reliability with a suggested duty cycle of 1000 sheets per day. You may increase the scan's quality and rapidly crop and align the image with Visioner's Acuity picture enhancement. Additional editing can be done using related software, which is all included on the DVD. The XDS-P scanner may be operated on Mac and Windows computers.
The 8.5" x 118" mobile ADF duplex scanner can scan paper documents, business cards, and plastic identification cards. A 600-dpi optical resolution and 24-bit color depth help to provide great image quality.
20 ppm is the maximum scan speed while using an AC adapter; when supplied by USB, this speed is reduced to 8 ppm.
The input tray, which features a USB 2.0 interface for connecting to a computer that supports Windows or Mac operating systems, can hold up to 20 sheets of plain paper.

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Your scanner may improve scan quality and automatically crop and align it with the help of Visioner Acuity.
Through Visioner OneTouch, you can send your document to a printer, an email address, a specific folder, or a variety of cloud storage spaces.
The Abby Business Card Reader transfers contact details from business cards using its own digital catalog or your smartphone.
You may convert your scans into a number of editable file formats, including searchable PDFs, using the optical character recognition (OCR) software Abby Fine Reader Sprint.
The search tool Fin does make it simpler to locate scanned files and arrange them to suit your needs.

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