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Plain Paper Wristbands: What Everyone Needs to Know

Plain Paper Wristbands: What Everyone Needs to Know

Paper wristbands for events are a cheap access solution for large gatherings, nightclubs, and any place where crowd control is essential. Even though they are generally referred to as ‘plain’, there is nothing really plain about them.

Plain paper wristbands are not made of ordinary paper, rather they are made up of a paper-like material. This material looks and feels like paper but is not delicate or torn easily. The reason for its tear-proof quality is that the material is reinforced paper combined with a thin plastic coating. That's the reason why plain paper wristbands are not exactly 'plain' but extremely durable and tamper-proof.

Plain paper wristbands are also officially known as Tyvek wristbands - Tyvek is the material they are made up of. It is a very strong material that is used in other products such as building materials and even medical devices. Because it is strong and lightweight it has many uses.

The durability and tamper-proof qualities of plain paper wristbands make them an ideal choice for entertainment venues, nightclubs, music festivals, concerts, and other people-related events. Paper wristbands serve as excellent security tags or entry passes for various events.

The paper band when applied correctly, that is, using the adhesive area to close the wristband ensures that it cannot be removed without damaging it. Venues where entry passes are required, make use of plain or printed paper wristbands to tag the attendees instead of printing and issuing tickets or passes.

The adhesive area where the wristband is closed is a one-time-use product, which when applied cannot be removed without leaving signs of damage. Once applied, paper wristbands cannot be transferred to third parties.  This helps to prevent gatecrashers or unauthorized persons from entering the venue. It is a particularly useful feature for the security staff to monitor the guests and participants at the event.

Plain paper wristbands can easily be customized to any particular event. Event organizers can order colored paper wristbands to indicate entry to specific areas of the venue. Wristbands can also be color-coded to designate access to restricted areas of the venue. Suppliers usually hold large stocks of unprinted or plain, colored wristbands. Organizers can order these at short notice and can be assured of quick deliveries in time for their events.

Another option for event organizers and businesses is to purchase plain paper wristbands and write out any details according to individual requirements. It is quite easy to write with a pen or marker on the plain paper wristband. That's the reason why you find hospitals and medical facilities using paper wristbands as identification tags for patients.

As we have seen, paper wristbands are lightweight and durable. Since it isn’t plain paper, but a mix of a plastic-like substance, the wristband is waterproof as well. There is no danger of the inks fading or leaching away even if the wristband is immersed in water. They can be worn for 1-2 days without showing any signs of degrading. is one of the reputed suppliers of printed paper wristbands for events in Europe. Visit the site to choose from a variety of wristband materials and get them custom printed to suit your requirements. A design team is at hand to assist you with your customization requirements. The site also has an online designer where users can upload logos and text and get a live preview on screen before moving ahead to purchase. With the best prices and fast delivery, they are one of Europe’s leading wristband suppliers.

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