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Online Dating Tips For Women For Men

Online Dating Tips For Women  For Men

Online dating offers single women a relaxed and secure way to meet men to date.  You may have heard some horror stories about predators and sleazy men online, but if you take the proper precautions and use sound judgment, online dating can be a fun and safe way to meet nice guys to date.  Here are a few online dating tips for women to help you be successful.

1. Know Yourself

The best way to attract a healthy partner or date is to understand what your needs are and to prioritize your self-care. Keep in mind that if you aren't emotionally healthy, you aren't likely to draw in others who are emotionally healthy. People tend to attract and be attracted to others who have similar levels of emotional well-being. 

2. Be Confident

Don’t approach online dating submissively.  It’s scary to admit that you are “looking” for that special someone but don’t forget, your blind date is auditioning as much as you are.  If you walk into your date with a genuine desire to learn about the other person, have a pleasant conversation, and have inner confidence in what you bring to the potential partnership, you will feel a lot more comfortable meeting strangers.

Remember, they are probably just as nervous as you are. Don’t forget you want to assess if you like them. Don’t worry so much about them liking you and I promise you won’t feel as nervous.

3. Be cautious and use sound judgment

When it comes to meeting men online you do need to be careful.  Never give out personal information such as your phone number, your place of employment, or your address in your early interactions with someone you meet online. When you do meet in person for a date always meet in a public place first.  If a man appears to be overly aggressive or pushing you for personal information or a date before you are ready end all communication.  Remember, there are plenty of nice guys looking to date so you don't need to put up with any behavior you are uncomfortable with.

4. Craft an interesting and honest profile

Quality men will be looking for an honest, interesting woman so be sure to convey that in your profile.  Don't lie about your age or weight or other information about yourself.  Highlight your strengths and be clear about what your preferences are and what type of man you are interested in dating.  Also, be sure to include a recent photo of yourself.

5. Don't appear too eager

Remember, online dating gives you the advantage of connecting with many potential dating partners.  You do not need to appear too eager or desperate. You should be choosy and look for someone who is a good match.  Having confidence in yourself will go a long way toward attracting a quality man.

6. Set your own pace

The beauty of online dating is that it allows you to meet people in your time frame and at a pace that you are comfortable with.  Spend time really getting to know a man through email, messaging, and later, phone conversations before deciding to meet in person for a date.  If a man pushes you to meet before you are comfortable stand firm.  You have a right to get to know someone at your own pace and if he cannot respect that there are other men out there who will.

Online dating really can be a lot of fun and a very rewarding way to meet quality men to date.  Just practice sound judgment and use your common sense and you will do just fine.

7. Be careful and follow your instinct.

One risk of online dating is that you will never fully know someone unless you meet them. Always be cautious when talking to people online. Don’t just easily give your personal details to anybody especially if you’ve just met them.

Most importantly, make sure that they’re actually a real person with a genuine identity and not just someone pretending to be someone else because they think they’re not attractive or likable enough.

8. Keep an open mind and embrace new things.

You will meet people who have different sets of beliefs, traditions, and opinions. You have to learn to accept them or be able to adjust. If you’re not comfortable or if you think you are not compatible with them, don’t be afraid to speak out. However, you must always remember to respect your differences because the things that you think are right might not be the same for them. Be ready to learn and share things with other people.

9. Learn to listen and show interest.

While it’s a good move to show your potential online date your best side, it’s also important to give them their chance, too. Let them express their ideas, listen to their stories and hear them out. It’s not a nice habit to do all the talking eighty to one hundred percent of the time.

However, when the person you’re talking to is a bit shy and kind of introverted, you can do something to encourage them to express their feelings without being too pushy and intrusive.

10. Be Safe

I never let anyone pick me up at my house for a first date and I always told a friend when I was on a first date, even if it was just coffee. The first time my now-boyfriend came over to my house, I texted my friend and asked her to check up on me in a few hours.  It’s just always good to let people know your whereabouts when you’re hanging out with strangers.

11. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

The days are gone when most people judge a woman who makes the first move. If you are interested in someone, do something about it before you lose that person and regret it.

There are different ways that a woman can do to get someone’s attention, especially if that person has the characteristics of an ideal partner – and it doesn’t have to involve dressing or talking seductively. Again, the first step to attracting and winning over a nice person online is to be confident.

12. Start with a good friendship first.

Don’t immediately jump into the romance territory because that’s not a good way to start a long-lasting relationship. Let your relationship be organic – start with a good friendship, building trust and bond, even if it’s just online.

Of course, there are times when you have to just be playful and casual, but if you want something serious to come out of your online dating experience, then you know what to do.