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Now let us Deal with the Physical Challenges. 

Now let us Deal with the Physical Challenges. 

Even though the escape rooms are primarily for team-building activities, some escape rooms encourage conducting birthdays and various other events. You have the liberty to choose the theme in the escape room breakout based on the occasion or the people's interests. If the theme is not according to their liking, then the chances of enjoying the game are less. 

Every game you play has its challenges; whether it is a virtual escape room or the physical escape room game itself, they are no different; they have their own set of challenges. We feel that only the mental challenges that the participants go through in the game are strenuous, but that is not the case. There are some physical challenges that the participants have to go through. 

When you are playing the Escape Room game, your main aim is to finish the game within the allotted time, i.e., sixty minutes. It is here that you face physical challenges, which halts you from completing the game. 

So, now let us look at some physical aspects. 

Moving the heavy objects 

When you are playing the escape room game, some clues are hidden behind particular objects, and sometimes it becomes difficult for you to move these objects because they are heavy. In moving things and taking the hint, you might lose your time, and it becomes difficult for you to win the game. 

Sliding the jammed doors, moving the heavy frames, or even moving the wardrobes are some of the most common objects and hindrances you encounter while playing the game. 

Muddy and slippery paths  

The setting of your Escape room is according to the themes that you chose before entering the game. There are times when people choose a theme like a voyage or pirates, and by selecting this theme, they may have to cross muddy paths.  

It becomes a physical challenge because crossing a muddy path in a short time is difficult. In crossing these paths, the participants may also slip numerous times, which results in the participants wasting time. 

When the room is packed 

It is another physical challenge that the participants in an escape room have to go through. When you are playing an escape room game, there are times when you have a clue, but the room you are in is filled with a lot of objects, and in there, you have to search for the new indication. 

At times like this, you often get panicked, and you get confused as to where you have to search for the next clue. You are so focused on winning the game that you randomly start exploring all the spots leaving out the most accurate one, or in the worst scenario, you misplace the clue to the next round. 

Placement of the props 

It is one of the most difficult challenges the participants have to go through while playing the game. While you are playing the escape room game, there are some props like the high monkey box, and you have to climb up and then again down to reach the next clue, and there are some props through which you will have to crawl through the ground to get the hint. 

So, this becomes a physical challenge because there may be some people in your group who are afraid of heights. It becomes difficult for them to cross the monkey box, and in the other case, sometimes while crawling down the floor your clothes or in the case of girls, their hair may get stuck in the net; and because of these unforeseen instances, they cannot win the game. 

These are some of the physical challenges that you may come across while playing the Escape Room game. 

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