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Negative And Dangerous Side Effects of Excess Blood Sugar

Negative And Dangerous Side Effects of Excess Blood Sugar

In the medical sense, sugar is the amount of glucose that is present in the blood. The body of a human normally maintains the level of blood glucose as a part of metabolic homeostasis, and it is the primary source of energy as well. Sugar is not a physiological disorder because it is a part of the human organ system. However, it is okay when it is on its normal level, but if the level goes up then many physiological disorders can appear. Excess amount of blood sugar makes the ground for appearing several severe health disorders. According to medical science, high blood sugar shows the way to come numerous negative side effects and these are as follows.

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Advanced Glycation End-product (AGEs)

Advanced Glycation End-products are the outcome of a chemical reactions chain later than a preliminary glycation reaction. According to the medical professionals, two factors mainly take major part in case of Advanced Glycation End products.

The first one is food that we take regularly the first source is the food we eat. If there is high sugar in your food, then it can it may appear. Another source is metabolism through which the carbohydrates are absorbed to affect your blood sugar levels. Nearly all of your blood sugar provides energy that your body requires to perform accurately. Nevertheless, a little amount of your blood sugar is glycated to form the Advanced Glycation End-products. In addition, simple sugars like galactose and fructose go through glycation nearly ten times a higher than the glucose.

Several severe diseases could appear owing to the Advanced Glycation End-products. The diseases are like the Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Heart disease, Type-II diabetes, Atherosclerosis, High blood pressure, Kidney disorders, Visual impairment, Stroke, Skin disorders.

Depress Immune System

Excess sugar can damage a person's proper immune system, and we all know that devoid of proper immune system a person will be feeble by attacks of many diseases. An active immune system provides fighting power to the organic system to defeat the diseases.

According to medical experts, blood needs vitamin C to maintain a proper immune system. However, if there is excessive sugar in the blood, then there certainly could be a trouble. As the vitamin C and glucose possess same chemical structure, so they fight with each other for entering the blood cells. If there were low sugar, then there would be no trouble, as vitamin C 

will get the maximum chance to enter into the blood cells. However, if the sugar level is high, then the glucose will have the most cells. In this way, the immune system will be affected, and it will surely be depressed.

If the immune system becomes out of order or feeble, then many serious diseases will surely attack the body. So, in this way excessive sugar in blood can depress the immune system.

Autoimmune diseases

Sugar makes worse autoimmune conditions like asthma, arthritis, and various scleroses. The autoimmune diseases are distinguished by the resistant capability by the own tissues of body. Autoimmune disorders possibly will cause immune responsive cells to show aggression at the inside layer of the joints that is resulting in trigger immune cells or rheumatoid arthritis to attack the insulin making cells of pancreas, and it is known as the islet cells.

An active immune system identifies first, and then attacks, and damages viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and cells cancer or any health destructive agents those are not generally present in the body. An inactive immune system cannot do these all the necessary tasks. Severe diseases like the pancreatitis, Crohn's disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Sjogren's syndrome, and other many more. Allergies and several scleroses are the result of autoimmune diseases. Therefore, the excessive amount of sugar takes a vital part in the autoimmune diseases.

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Dental Problems

A human mouth normally includes several kinds of bacteria that attack the tooth. When a person has excessive sugar in blood, the bacteria and germs become more active. The affects on tooth depend upon the amount of the blood sugar a person has in his body. The chances of dental problem depend on how much a person has blood sugar. In normal cases, means when a person is not having high sugar in blood, he or she can be easily cured by removing the affected teeth. However, high sugar patients never can follow such procedure. According to doctors, such course of action will be more harmful for the patients who have excessive sugar in the blood. Moreover, such problem ca eventually turns into malignant or cancer.

Cardiovascular disease

It is well known to all that the sugar is needed in blood, but when it rises over its normal level, several health disorders appear there. The cardio vascular disease is one of those disorders. If a person already has any cardio vascular disease then it could be very dangerous if the person has high blood sugar also. Sugar will help the disease to spread out and react more. If a person does not have any cardio vascular problem then he or she will have a great chance to get it if already carries excess sugar in blood. It mail attacks at the heart, veins, and arteries that provide oxygen to imperative life-sustaining organs of the body such as the heart, brain, and further crucial organs.

Therefore, such kind of disorder can bring in many dangerous diseases to one's body. Finally, the heart or brain may be affected, and so the death may be its horrible result.

Heart Disease

As previously mentioned, excessive sugar in blood can attack at various part of the cardiovascular system and heart is one of the most important organs of cardiovascular system. If a person has excessive blood sugar, then it can attack any part of cardiovascular system and eventually the heart will be affected. For example, if the sugar attacks veins or arteries, then normally they will stop work, and the hear will not able to keep communication, so it will stop work as well. Thus, excess sugar can be the cause of severe heart attack.

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Faster aging skin

You may come across a fact that the chocolate can damage anyone's skin. However, the chocolate itself is not intrinsically awful for skin, but there possibly will a bit of truth as chocolate comes with excess sugar. It may truly move ahead the aging of a skin, by making the face more wrinkled and less young.

High level of sugar in blood damages the freshness of the skin. Not only, it damages the freshness, but it makes many wrinkles on the face as well. In such case, an affected person look more aged.


The level of sugar in blood is measured according to the presence of glucose in the blood. The glucose is produced as soon as we absorb or digest starchy foods like rice, potatoes, bread and sweet items together with chocolate and sugar. Another source of glucose is liver, as it is also produced there.

There is a hormone that is identified as Insulin, and it carries glucose throughout the bogy cells, where it is made use to make energy. The sugar diabetes patients may have short of insulin, or cannot utilize it, as it should be. It signifies that the excess amount of glucose in the blood carries the symptoms of sugar diabetes.

There are mainly two categories of diabetes, e.g. type 1 and type 2. In case of Diabetes type 1, the body is not capable to make insulin by any means while in case of Diabetes type 2, the body creates excessively small amount of insulin, or may not utilize what it produces efficiently. These both kinds of diabetes show their results in different ways.

High blood pressure

In order to function accurately the glucose is required by the brain. In view of that, it is always suggested not to stay away from glucose completely. However, it is needed to keep away from the sources of glucose. The eating habit of sugar-rich foods, sweets or candy, soft drinks reaches the intestinal tract instantaneously. Then, it causes an immediate reaction for the pancreas to make insulin.

In accordance with the medical experts, too much insulin production takes part in the occurrence of high pressure in blood that is known as high blood pressure. Therefore, the intake of sugar or such kind of food items produces more insulin in body, and it is the major cause of high blood pressure. In view of that fact, it must be mentioned that the sugar is the main source of having high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can take part in several parts of foremost organs like the heart, kidney, vessels, and fetus. It could be very dangerous during the pregnancy time as well.

Yeast Infection

Sugar and yeast infection are too closely related. Sugar and further sugar containing food items are measured to be the major cause of yeast infection. Yeast infection takes place because of excess development of yeast, which is identified as the candida albicans. In fact, the yeast lives in the body in little quantity by default. On the other hand, a number of definite conditions activate the excess growth of the yeast that shows the way to an infection. Such specific infection takes place due to microorganism increases on sugar and further sweet food items, because sugar is one of the major causes of the disorder.

If you are taking high sugar diet, then you must need to deal with such a difficulty. Not only, the sweet food items, but also the over utilization of carbohydrates harm the body similarly. In view of that, you need to stop intake of sweet or carbohydrate-containing foods.

Poor Eyesight

People with high level of sugar may have a higher chance of eye problems. However, it never can be sated firmly that a person will have a poor eyesight if he has excess blood sugar. The ADA, which is renowned as the American Diabetic Association, expressed that a good number people with sugar have a bit of chance to have poor eyesight. However, it is recommended to those people who have high sugar, should keep touch with regular eye checkup, as it can become severe any time.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Having excess sugar in the blood possibly will show many health disorders, and gastrointestinal disorder is one of those. Gastrointestinal or the GI track takes vital part in our food absorption, and everyone now knows it. If the foods which we normally intake does not digested properly, 

then there certainly would be problem in metabolism. Otherwise, excess sugar in blood also affects numerous parts of a human body, and these are very important organs like stomach, duodenum, and pancreas.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a most important hormone control the fat mass in case of the vertebrates. The fat tissue makes the leptin to come out and its blood levels are relative to fat mass. So, there will be more fat if there is more secretion of leptin.

As soon as sugar metabolizes in the fat cells, at that time, they make surge from the leptin, and it is found that the sugar take vital part in cases of producing the leptin resistance. Everyone needs to stop taking sugar-containing food items to control the right proportion of the leptin in body.

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There is no doubt that excessive sugar in the blood will certainly be the cause of numerous difficulties or health disorders. Those all disorders of health even could be a cause of death of human. Therefore, it is suggested to all people to take care of their daily food items and go through the doctors' suggestions to keep always away from high levels of sugar in the blood.



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