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NBA 2K23 Season 2: Best Finishing Badges and How to Get Them

NBA 2K23 Season 2: Best Finishing Badges and How to Get Them

A good in the paint is still as necessary as ever in basketball, so giving your post presence a lift via finishing badges is never bad. With NBA 2K23 Season 2 off and running, it's perhaps no surprise that many MyCareer players are wondering what the best Finishing Badges are. Here's a breakdown of the best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Season 2 and how to get them.

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Finishing Badges: Current and Next Gen

We've ranked the Finishing Badges in terms of their overall effectiveness and relevance in the current meta.

  1. Slithery Finisher – Improves a player's ability to avoid contact when attacking the rim.
  2. Posterize – Increases the chances of throwing down a dunk on your defender.
  3. Limitless Takeoff – When attacking the basket, a player with the badge will start their dunk attempt from farther out than others.
  4. Fearless Finisher – Strengthens a player's ability to absorb contact and still finish.
  5. Acrobat – Spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts receive a boost. Additionally, the ability to beat defenders with gathers is improved.
  6. Post Spin Technician – Attempting to do post spins or drives results in more effective moves and less of a chance to be stripped.
  7. Pro Touch – Gives an extra shot boost for having slightly early, slightly late, or excellent shot timing on layups. Layup timing must be turned on.
  8. Fast Twitch – Speeds up the ability to get standing layups or dunks off before the defense has time to contest.
  9. Rise Up – Increases the likelihood of dunking or posterizing your opponent when standing in the painted area.
  10. Dream Shake – Post-move fakes have a higher chance of stunning a defender. Also, shot attempts following fakes, shimmies, and shot fakes have an increased shot percentage.
  11. Giant Slayer – Boosts the shot percentage for a layup attempt when mismatched against a taller defender and reduces the possibility of getting blocked.
  12. Masher – Improves a player's ability to finish well around the rim, especially over smaller defenders.
  13. Bully – Improves a player's ability to initiate contact and get to the rim on layup attempts.
  14. Backdown Punisher – Allows players to have more success than normal when backing down a defender while posting up.
  15. Dropstepper – Allows for more success when attempting post-drop steps and hop steps, in addition to protecting the ball better while performing these moves in the post.
  16. Arial Wizard – Increases the ability to finish an alley-oop from a teammate, or a putback finish off an offensive rebound.

How to Get the Best Finishing Badges?

Here are the attribute requirements for each of the finishing badges in NBA 2K23.

1. Slithery Finisher

    • Driving Layup: 69 (Bronze) and Driving Dunk: 70 (Bronze)
    • Driving Layup: 79 (Silver) and Driving Dunk: 84 (Silver)
    • Driving Layup: 89 (Gold) and Driving Dunk: 92 (Gold)
    • Driving Layup: 99 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Dunk: 98 (Hall of Fame)

2. Posterize

    • Driving Dunk: 72 (Bronze)
    • Driving Dunk: 85 (Silver)
    • Driving Dunk: 93 (Gold)
    • Driving Dunk: 99 (Hall of Fame)

3. Limitless Takeoff

    • Driving Dunk: 65 (Bronze)
    • Driving Dunk: 79 (Silver)
    • Driving Dunk: 86 (Gold)
    • Driving Dunk: 96 (Hall of Fame)

4. Fearless Finisher

    • Close Shot: 65 (Bronze) and Driving Layup: 67 (Bronze)
    • Close Shot: 75 (Silver) and Driving Layup: 77 (Silver)
    • Close Shot: 84 (Gold) and Driving Layup: 87 (Gold)
    • Close Shot: 93 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Layup: 97 (Hall of Fame)

5. Acrobat

    • Driving Layup: 65 (Bronze)
    • Driving Layup: 76 (Silver)
    • Driving Layup: 84 (Gold)
    • Driving Layup: 94 (Hall of Fame)

6. Post Spin Technician

    • Post Control: 64 (Gold)
    • Post Control: 82 (Hall of Fame)

7. Pro Touch

    • Close Shot: 65 (Gold) and Driving Layup: 66 (Gold)
    • Close Shot: 83 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Layup: 84 (Hall of Fame)

8. Fast Twitch

    • Close Shot: 67 (Bronze)
    • Close Shot: 75 (Silver)
    • Close Shot: 85 (Gold)
    • Close Shot: 96 (Hall of Fame)

9. Rise Up

    • Standing Dunk: 80 (Silver)
    • Standing Dunk: 90 (Gold)
    • Standing Dunk: 98 (Hall of Fame)

10. Dream Shake

    • Post Control: 45 (Bronze)
    • Post Control: 62 (Silver)
    • Post Control: 77 (Gold)
    • Post Control: 86 (Hall of Fame)

11. Giant Slayer

    • Close Shot: 66 (Gold) and Driving Layup: 67 (Gold)
    • Close Shot: 84 (Hall of Fame) and Driving Layup: 85 (Hall of Fame)

12. Masher

    • Close Shot: 63 (Bronze)
    • Close Shot: 73 (Silver)
    • Close Shot: 82 (Gold)
    • Close Shot: 95 (Hall of Fame)

13. Bully

    • Strength: 74 (Bronze)
    • Strength: 82 (Silver)
    • Strength: 89 (Gold)
    • Strength: 95 (Hall of Fame)

14. Backdown Punisher

    • Post Control: 55 (Bronze) and Strength: 65 (Bronze)
    • Post Control: 72 (Silver) and Strength: 76 (Silver)
    • Post Control: 80 (Gold) and Strength: 86 (Gold)
    • Post Control: 87 (Hall of Fame) and Strength: 94 (Hall of Fame)

15. Dropstepper

    • Post Control: 62 (Gold)
    • Post Control: 79 (Hall of Fame)

16. Arial Wizard

    • Driving Dunk: 50 (Bronze) and Standing Dunk: 50 (Bronze)
    • Driving Dunk: 66 (Silver) and Standing Dunk: 67 (Silver)
    • Driving Dunk: 81 Gold) and  Standing Dunk: 82  Gold)
    • Driving Dunk: 92 (Hall of Fame) and Standing Dunk: 93 (Hall of Fame)

How to Choose the Right Finishing Badges?

It's hard to dismiss that for most, Slithery Finisher, Posterize, and Limitless Takeoff are the clear best options.

For layup builds, Fearless Finisher, Giant Slayer, and Acrobat could be more important.

For most players, Post Spin Technician, Pro Touch, Fast Twitch, Rise Up, and Dream Shake are your main go-to's.

That's all we've got about the best finishing badges in NBA 2K23, basketball fans. In the meantime, if you're looking for more NBA 2K23-related content, then has covered you. From guides answering how to get Accelerator Perk and how to Pick & Roll, not to mention how to buy NBA 2K23 MT fast.

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