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Myths about starting a Virtual Assistant business

Myths about starting a Virtual Assistant business

So, you're thinking about starting a Virtual Assistant Business or already have one started and your mind is spinning from the information overload? You are not alone! There's so much information out there that it’s difficult to know what is true and where to start. This can cause information overload and analysis paralysis.

As a virtual assistant mentor, I don’t like hearing about anyone being stuck. That's why I’m here to break down common myths about starting a VA business. I want to get you back on your path to creating one that makes you feel excited and free!

Many people are intimidated by new technology. They don't know how to use it, and they don't want to! If you can't learn the skills necessary to do your job on a computer, your business is going to fall flat.

If you're not a tech-savvy person, there is no reason why you can't hire someone who already knows what they're doing! 

Myths about starting a Virtual Assistant business

1. "Anyone can start a VA business."

I want to dispel the myth that anyone can start a virtual assistant business. This couldn't be further from the truth! It does take hard work and it does take dedication, but it's never easy to start a business for the first time. And in this case, there are so many moving parts that you have to learn how to manage and keep them all in line with each other.

2. "It's a get-right-rich-quick."

If you want to make money with a VA business, the way you do that is by selling services. The more professional you get on any platform you choose to use, the more money you make! There isn't much "get rich quick" about it.

3. "You don't need any experience to run one."

If you've ever worked for someone else in anything that required customer services such as an office assistant, Customer Service representative, or receptionist, you know that there is a lot of training involved from day one. It's good to get some experience under your belt before you start diving into a virtual assistant business.

4. "It takes less time than having a regular job."

Quite the opposite! Running any business takes just as much or more work as having a regular job, but you get all the benefits of being your own boss, which is why many people do it in the first place!

5. "You have to be tech-savvy to do it well."

This is a myth I've heard myself and seen many people say about virtual assistants. I know that there are people out there who understand the technology and understand the ins and outs of online communication platforms. But those people do not represent the majority of the population out there!

Do you have a company, but not enough time to run it? Do you need help with your personal tasks that are keeping you from running your business? We’ve got the solution: an experienced Virtual Assistant.

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