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My favorite RTX Gaming Laptop Under $1500- MSI GL65 Leopard

My favorite RTX Gaming Laptop Under $1500- MSI GL65 Leopard

This laptop has to be my favorite under $1,500 This is the MSI gp65 Leopard. MSI has packed a lot of goodies in a reasonably priced laptop. Let's talk about design. This laptop follows the same design scheme as MSI's stealthier stealth lineup, on the lid of the laptop, it has the MSI logo in the center and it lights up the design language has a very gamer look to it accompanied by the black and red color scheme. Overall, this laptop is ugly but it isn't amazing. It just sort of sits right there as what you'd expect for a gaming laptop.

This laptop can be specked out a few different ways but the one that was sent to me review has a 10th generation I 716 gigabytes of DDR for 512 gigabytes in VM E and also Nvidia RTX 278 gigabyte for the updated builds hit the links below on emphasizing website as builds in pricing can change at any time. Now storage is on the low side of this build only 512 gigabytes. Now gaming these days five tow shouldn't even be an option. After installing only two games I got the message saying my disk space was getting low laptop has an ethernet jack HDMI and Mini DisplayPort USB A and type C and a headphone jack and microphone jack. This is on the left side. On the right side, it holds two more USB 3.2 Type-A ports, a full-size SD card reader, and a power port. Now once you lift the laptop lid the first thing you see is the per-key backlighting. MSI has included this on almost all their laptop lineup.

So this is nice to see four to come to the leopard series. Each key has a rubbery feel and some pretty decent travel and typing. I would say this laptop is comfortable for the game and to type on the touchpad is a nice size, allowing for gestures and general navigation. But I will admit I am spoiled by the oversized touchpads found on the MacBook Surface Book and XPS 13. This laptop seems to collect fingerprints and dust and during my time using this laptop after only a few hours, it was covered in smudges, which isn't a big deal. But something I kind of felt I needed to mention. The display is 144 hertz and it gets really bright in I think it looks pretty good. It's one of the better gaming displays I have seen in person.

The leopard also doesn't come with a ton of bloatware onboard. However, it did come with an antivirus software trial, which isn't a big deal. But the majority of the software that it does have, actually helps with gaming. MSI has software called Dragon center. Yes, Dragon center is designed to help with safely adjusting the clock speeds of the computer. And the software helps you get it running at its full speed. And of course, for gaming, you need that with turbo mode, the fans kick on, and oh boy do they get loud.

And since the speakers are not great only at two watts, you end up fighting over the fan if you're not using headphones. And quite frankly, the fan wins most of the battles. But let's talk about gaming because none of this matters if we can't game. So first of all the laptop was plugged in during these tests. And like I said I was in turbo mode. If the laptop wasn't plugged in FPS would drop significantly. I'm talking 20 to 30. So plug it in if you're going to play games, first game is a game I play a lot. This is Call of Duty Modern Warfare now maxed out the settings with RTX activated, the average was 94 frames per second and we peaked at 122 frames per second.

 This was gaming within Warzone zombies and also multiplayer. The next game was crisis remastered using the camera and crisis settings. And yes, that is a thing and it is hilarious. On average 44 frames per second with a high of 51 This game was a challenge for this computer. It's a tough game that's taxing on resources, but it was playable. Now moving the settings down to medium we can average in the 60s and even hit 70 Microsoft flight sim is another game that is extremely taxing as well. And I think this game is more suited for the RTX three series cards. While on the highest settings we landed at 23 frames per second on average, and only at one peak and hitting that peak. It was actually just flying and there was nothing around there were clouds but nothing else was visible in the frame born flying lower or doing challenges where you have to complete task 20s is actually more expected.

 The last game I threw into this test was watchdogs Legion. I installed the HD texture pack using ultra settings and ray tracing set to Ultra and days off. Before I get into the numbers just take in how good this game looks. The rain the reflections look so great. Now use the benchmarking tool this game provided average was 30 and the peak was 77. Turning off ray tracing, you get an additional 20 to 30 frames per second. But you know what? Ray tracing looks so good. Now as of this recording, this laptop can be found for $1,300. And for $1,300 this laptop exceeded my expectations.

This is some premium hardware, the bells, and whistles you'd expect you'd be hard-pressed to find a better laptop at this price. I think MSI did an amazing job with it and also the tools on board to help this become a better-performing laptop. Of course, the fans are really loud but once again if you're playing with headphones, that shouldn't be a big deal but keep that in mind if you're playing in a scenario when a lot of people are around. Anyways, guys, that was my review of it. You can pick it up down below from my links.

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