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Most Creative & Designer Cake Ideas for Wedding


Your wedding ceremony is around the corner, and now you've checked all the necessary information — the place, the arrangements, and the perfect dress. But one thing you may not skip is a wedding cake. There are very few elements in this world that we enjoy more than a wonderful wedding cake to fulfil our tastes. Today, Indian ceremonies have also embraced the tradition of cutting cakes to celebrate the beautiful connection of a new relationship. That's why one of the gems is the cake that's made to express affection. 

Metallic Cake

The glittering design of decorative cakes exudes sophistication and glam. The white, silver, or gold finish makes the cake look as beautiful as no other. The metallic coating can be done by using tasty paints or by offering a sparkle effect. You can also choose glitter and flowers to fill up as decorations to take your wedding cake to the next level.

Tier Cake

Large cakes with layer after layer of wonderfulness are the perfect way to make each wedding statement. This heartwarming cake style is perfect for grooms looking to make something like a true wow factor! When your guest list is on the large side, then large cakes are also perfect to make sure it gets a slice of them. Delicious! Yum!

Naked Cake

It's this kind of cake you love. Fresh fruit, cheerful floral and vibrant colours make naked cakes one of the most popular big wedding options. After all, they have just become popular during the last few years, but they are really sure to be showcased at weddings around the globe. If you want something that suits the trend, don't be a lover of frosting/buttercream and love fresh fruit and spices, naked cakes make an excellent choice. You can also order cake online in Kolkata and get the best one at your desired place. 


Side-painted cakes are a tough cake to create, although they are fantastic for customizing your cake, showing the talent of a cake designer and bringing an art piece to your celebration tables. Why not paint a lovely floral image to match your summer theme?


Cupcakes are a popular and best way to get a formal wedding cake and they are really a great deal of fun. They can be creative too. By the multi-tier designs, you can perfectly and artfully display cupcakes on all levels, or mix them with only a few of the base tier, while making a cake as the top tier or tier. They are a fantastic choice for wedding ceremonies, the reason is that they are best to share quickly and enjoy it. There's really nothing like the joy of a table full of wonderfully decorated wedding cupcakes. So, order cake online and get the cake at your venue.

Bridal Shower Cakes

If you want your wedding party decor is amazing. A cake that is decorated with amazing elements such as diamonds and pearls and silver and gold glittering fabrics look amazing. Now, you also find these amazing cakes with the couple's best moments depicted on the cakes, or characters created to show the bride's bondage with her relatives. Pictures of her favorite items and stuff are also made of cakes, and a lot of items are put together just to give the whole theme a real image. Such wedding shower ideas are going to help you a lot.

3D Bridal Shower Cake

We are all impressed by technologies and try to embrace some of the innovations and apps that have been introduced to make our lives more modern and convenient. Apart from making our lives relaxed and easy, our lives are also fashionable and help shape. Advances in technology have also made our festivities more different and special events like Bridal Showers can be made more enjoyable and fun with fun 3D Bridal Shower Cakes Ideas. You can also send cake online to your special one with your warmest wishes and love.

These are superb wedding cake ideas that anyone can opt for and make their special day one of the best days.