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Most Common Injuries from a Truck Accident

Most Common Injuries from a Truck Accident

A truck is a large framed vehicle that can cause multiple injuries to the driver and other parties on the eve of an accident. A truck accident can completely devastate smaller vehicles because the weight of a truck is gigantic in scale. In a truck accident, therefore, fatalities are usually involved. Even if the damage to the truck and vehicles often recovers from claims and insurance, injuries sustained are permanent and life-changing.

Truck accidents often lead to injuries that can lead to further legal complications. Therefore, truck drivers take a lot of precautions to avoid self-injuries and injuries to others. However, truck accidents happen very commonly, and the need for a truck accident lawyer arises for trucking companies and drivers. However, the first piece of advice that a truck accident lawyer usually gives his client is to avoid as many injuries as possible. This is because physical assets can be recovered. However, injuries and loss of life leave consequences that one cannot gauge on legal or monetary grounds.

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Here are the few common injuries that a truck accident lawyer warns you against

Injuries from stopping or braking suddenly

The act of breaking a truck needs both expertise and maneuver. Without expertise, blindly pulling the brake of the truck leaves the truck damaged and the driver injured. On the other hand, often, sudden, injurious brakes are unavoidable. For example, if the driver fails to see a turn or an obstacle, he is bound to swerve abruptly. This leads to multiple injuries, especially to the bone and muscles.

These injuries range from minor to major in degree. The act of sudden swerve not only moves the truck abruptly, but the driver moves with the truck. This sudden movement jerks the driver’s body and causes injuries. In extreme cases, there can be muscle tears and bone breaking. Sometimes the impact goes to the spine and causes neural injuries.

Moreover, sometimes, another vehicle comes abruptly in front of the truck, which compels the truck driver to pull the brakes without much thought. While this avoids a collision in most cases, it also causes a sudden impact on the driver’s body which causes internal injuries. Apart from the driver, any other person inside the truck also suffers from an injury due to the sudden jerk and pull movements. In extreme cases, such swerves and brakes lead to roll-over accidents that leave the life of the travelers in grave danger.

Broken bones

Our bones are strong. However, when compared with a thousand tons truck, they are nothing. Any part of a truck is able to crush our bones in case of carelessness and unexpected accidents. Sudden brakes and stops for the truck sometimes create an unprecedented force that propels the driver of helper out of the truck.

Often, the front glass shatters, and the rider gets thrown off the truck with humongous force. This not only breaks bones but also causes internal and external bleeding. In extreme cases, the injured dies due to the impact of the injuries. Doctors suggest that a driver should not wear heavy, complicated clothes while driving because in emergency cases, the clothing will restrict movements. Often, the driver escapes such injuries with his presence of mind and reflexes. However, such cases are rare.

Head trauma

Our head is a sensitive part of our body. It houses the brain and other important neural connections of the body. In the case of an 18 wheeler accident, the most sensitive type of injury happens to be that of the brain and spine. Unfortunately, a driver is more prone to suffer from spinal injuries due to back impact, which can put him in paralysis or coma. On the other hand, head trauma also leads to major cranial complications and impacts the neural system. In case of head trauma, treatment at the earliest becomes very necessary.

However, often head trauma does not come through at first due to internal bleeding. On the other hand, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent damage to the abilities and capacities of the person. Most injured people involve a truck accident lawyer when permanent damage to the body is clear. Severely injured people are at risk of losing their livelihood and need lifelong support, both monetarily and emotionally.

In case of injuries in a truck accident, a person should not panic. Panic and stress in emergency situations often aggravate the injuries and cause more harm. The most feasible decision is to call for help and wait for treatment. As soon as you call from the accident site, the better. This will supply immediate medical and legal attention to you and help you survive. Truck accidents are very common today but not every truck accident ends with life.

It is always advised to avoid any kind of situation or decision that leads to accidents. Truck drivers must follow traffic rules and take all health precautions before driving the vehicle on the roads.

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