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Malwarebytes announced the expansion of its Nebula platform

Malwarebytes announced the expansion of its Nebula platform

At RSA Conference 2022, Malwarebytes announced the expansion of its Nebula platform with a new DNS Filtering module available for Windows on June 14 and for Mac in July.

Malwarebytes DNS Filtering is powered by Cloudflare‘s zero trust platform to deliver a flexible and comprehensive zero trust solution for Nebula users. Malwarebytes DNS Filtering module for Nebula helps block access to malicious websites and limit threats introduced by suspicious content.

In addition to preventing access to sites that are known threats, the module provides IT and security teams with tools to manage exceptions and also encrypts domain name requests. The DNS Filtering module is powered by real-time protection capabilities, enabling the isolation and remediation of suspicious content once downloaded to prevent exposure.

A host file is a file on the computer that the operating system uses to map hostnames to IP addresses. Modifying the file enables users to access sites without making a DNS Resolution request. The Malwarebytes DNS Filtering module monitors the hosts' file for modifications to ensure this bypass is not allowed. The domain is verified with our module before allowing a user access to a site. The user will not be granted access if the domain fits a blocked category of the DNS Filtering rule.

Malwarebytes DNS Filtering, powered by Cloudflare, is integrated into Malwarebytes Nebula. Malwarebytes Nebula is a cloud-hosted security operations platform that manages control of any malware or ransomware incident—from alert to fix. Malwarebytes Nebula augments Malwarebytes solutions and module extensions with a guided user interface, next-generation threat intelligence, brute force attack protection, and integration capabilities to maximize security investments across each organization. provides all players with high-quality Malwarebytes Accounts to help you win the game. Cheap Malwarebytes Account for hot sale at with instant delivery, 24/7 online service, and 100% safety assured! Please feel free to contact us at any time via our 24/7 online live chat if you have any problem buying Malwarebytes Account here. Have fun shopping for Malwarebytes Account here!


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