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List of MCX Holidays 2021

List of MCX Holidays 2021

MCX holidays are special days on which all trading activities are closed in MCX. These are religious festivals or national holidays. At the beginning of the year, MCX publishes a complete list of holidays for traders. Likewise, in 2021 also, MCX will publish a list of holidays through its web page. Keeping the list handy would help you to plan trades accordingly."

This is the complete list of the days in 2021 on which all trading activities in the MCX Commodity Exchange will be closed. These are religious festivals or national holidays. Keep this list handy, so that you can plan trades accordingly. Every trader is eagerly waiting for the MCX holidays to arrive. Here's the list of MCX holidays in 2021. As this year is not a leap year, the total number of MCX holidays 2021 would be only 29 days--the same as 2020. The Indian commodities market is an important way to trade gold, silver, other precious metals, agricultural products, natural gas, crude oil, energy products, other energy products, and other financial products. Trading holidays are necessary to ensure that everyone involved in the financial market gets the opportunity to observe the festivals or national holidays. Referring to the MCX holiday list displayed above will help you understand all the holidays.

On the above link m-cx holidays 2021, you can find all details regarding MCX trading holidays of the year 2021 (March and April and May and June) and their trading timings. These m-cx holidays 2021 will be helpful to those who trade in futures and options of MCX commodity exchange. There is a total of 11 MCX holidays in 2021. Most of these festivals and holidays fall on Saturdays and Sundays. The first holiday begins on Friday, February 15 and the last day of the holiday is December 30. The festival calendar for the year 2021 includes Holi, Ram Navami, Good Friday, Mahavir Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti, Shivratri, Dussehra, Independence Day, Diwali, and Christmas Eve.

To enjoy trading activities in MCX, you should know about their Trading Holidays calendar. The MCX publishes a summarized list of holidays on its official website. It also includes all details regarding the closing or opening of trades during holiday periods.

Although commodity futures trading is an exciting business, it can't be done all the time. A huge majority of the financial trading world observes holidays on some days of the year. The holidays might be religious or maybe any other public holiday, like Independence Day or Labor Day. At MCX, trading can't be carried out in 3 days of 2021.MCX Holidays will add 25 trading days to your calendar in a year. The holidays add more value to your business if you take advantage of them and can save a lot of trips to the exchange. 

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