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Latest Interior Design Technologies in Singapore

Latest Interior Design Technologies in Singapore

SINGAPORE, May 24, 2022 - Style + Space Interior Design, one of the top interior designers in Singapore, shares the latest gadgets for your modern home.

The use of intelligent technologies in homes has increased in recent years with the rise of the internet. The innovative technology includes connected cars and appliances, controlled remotely via a mobile device or laptop computer.

Elegance is a vital component of these technologies at home. Many products offer a sleek design that blends in with your home without being too intrusive or overbearing.

In addition, designers are now using these new technologies to create more efficient spaces that offer comfort for their users while saving them time on household tasks.

Here are some of the emerging technologies:

Smart Sensors

These devices have been designed to collect data from various sources, including air quality, noise level, and traffic patterns. In 2022 and beyond, living will be a lot easier. Smart sensors will be able to detect your voice and respond accordingly. They will also be able to automatically sense temperature, humidity, and light levels to adjust their settings.

Some of the use cases for smart home sensors are to automate your home with voice commands: by using voice commands to control lights, appliances, and other devices in the house. 

Another example is a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts the indoor temperature. 

Soundproofing Blinds

Soundproofing Blinds are an innovative home technology that can help reduce the noise levels in your home. They use sound-absorbing materials and advanced insulation to keep sound at bay. The blinds are available in colors, and they come with an option of two different types of side slats - vertical or horizontal.

Smart Locks

A smart lock allows you to unlock your door with your smartphone, add new people to your list of approved visitors, and even monitor who comes and goes from your home. Smart locks are becoming popular. This feature allows people with busy schedules who frequently travel to check out their homes remotely from anywhere in the world via their smartphones, so they don't need someone else there when they arrive back home (for example).


It uses an app that allows you to open the door by tapping on it or voice recognition.

3D Wall Painting

3D wall painting is a technology that enables you to paint on any surface, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. It works using three-dimensional projections and offers the following benefits:

  • Immersive experience - creates the sense that you are in the scene depicted on the walls.
  • Visually appealing - many people appreciate the aesthetic appeal of 3D wall paintings. It is because they have rich colors and textures
  • Saves space - since it uses less space than traditional 2D paintings, it's easier to hang without sacrificing valuable wall space for art.

Overall, innovative home technologies are becoming more and more accessible as they offer a range of convenient and helpful benefits for our daily routine. 

Standing out from other interior design firms, Style + Space Interior Design offers one-of-a-kind services to their clients, including consultation, concept design, and 3D walkthroughs. The team of designers at Style + Space Interior Design focuses on creating unique designs for their clients based on their preferences and budget.

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Style Space Interior Design

Style Space Interior Design

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Style + Space is a Singapore interior design firm that provides affordable solutions. Led by highly skilled experienced interior designers, our interior design company is dedicated to offering the most relevant and innovative custom interior design ideas that help our homeowners create a chic and functional home.


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