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Know The Different Traits of WWF Championship

Know The Different Traits of WWF Championship

Here are the top 10 traits nearly every championship wrestler has. If you are lacking in one of these areas you either need to focus on improving or realize your success will be limited.


If you aren't able to wrestle in the first period like you can in the last you will never be a great champion. Champions do everything in their power to have "gas" throughout the match.

Max Strength

WWF Championship wrestlers maximize their strength inside their weight class. If you aren't getting stronger someone will outmuscle you somewhere on the mat and championships will be won or lost.


Championship wrestlers move faster on the mat than everyone else. If you aren't fast to position, takedowns, escapes, and reversals aren't possible. Speed kills in all sports.

Power: Power = Mass X Acceleration

With Best Championship Titles wrestlers being of equal weight, it is the athlete who can explode into another that will powerfully perform on the mat.

Core Strength

The ability to manipulate another human being is dependent upon the strength of the core. If your core muscles aren't at their best, the ability to perform throws, bridges, and pinning combinations is greatly diminished.

Grip Strength

Championship wrestlers grab their opponents and it feels like a vice is clamped down on them. Focusing on creating a grip that is inescapable will provide you the ability to dominate your opponent.


The ability for your body to understand where it is in space. Championship wrestlers don't lose track of their bodies regardless of what is happening on the mat. Being comfortable upside down, in the air, falling, and moving through space is vital. Cartwheels, rolls, flips, and assorted movements help athletes build this ability.


Stacking core strength and proprioception together provides wrestlers with great balance. Being on one foot, and throwing an opponent all rely on balance and strength from balance. Without balance, your likelihood of success takes a steep drop.

Physical toughness

When people talk about toughness they often speak only of mental toughness, but the physical ability to take punishment is just as vital. Strength training and conditioning harden the body and prep it for action. Physical toughness also establishes resistance to injury vital to every athlete.


No matter who you are, at some point you have been in an awkward position on the mat. Having the flexibility to perform a variety of maneuvers allows athletes to remain calm in any situation. Some wrestlers are capable of full splits when their leg has been taken, if your body can perform this, it can be the difference between a takedown and your maintaining position. As the line between skills blurs at the championship level, the best athlete will be able to force his way to a win. If you aren't developing your physical qualities to meet your skill you are only maximizing half your talent. Focus on these areas on watch your competition bend to your will.

Discover that the training

When you ask professional wrestlers will find that youth wrestling training should not be the same as those that are used in other sports. You will also discover that the training you get in high school should not be the same training you get in college because the body changes require a different routine. When it comes to effective techniques that win the match, there are certain muscle groups that need strengthening, if you hope to have everlasting mat endurance, blazing speed, brute strength, and an effective plan of attack to win championships at the youth level.

MMA levels

There is no need to be discouraged because there are simple ways to become more effective in the wrestling training programs that are used on the high school level, the college level, and the MMA levels. As a wrestler is developed, there are exercise routines that should become part of wrestling training to help them develop a strong hip toss, develop the strength to avoid getting pinned, and keep them from getting tied up or shot effortlessly on. Youth wrestling can develop the confidence it takes to become a champion wrestler when they are properly conditioned and win matches.

There are pro wrestlers that are willing to give their advice for strength training. Some of the programs can turn wrestlers into raging bulls that win matches in a matter of a few weeks. It doesn't take expensive equipment because a set of stairs can be effectively used as part of wrestling training when it comes to effective youth wrestling training routines. The biggest problem seems to be a lack of understanding of the differences between training for football and wrestling training.

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