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Know The Best Method to Convert from VCF to CSV With Ease

Know The Best Method to Convert from VCF to CSV With Ease

Intro: You may have occasionally needed to open vCard files in programs that are compatible with the CSV file format. Then, what do you do? Are you looking for a method to convert from VCF to CSV as well? This site is for you if you haven't yet discovered a trustworthy technique. There are multiple ways to export vCard files in the CSV format on both Mac and Windows. Nonetheless, using a VCF to CSV Converter program is recommended. We will discuss the necessity, a manual method, and an expert tool to change VCF to CSV in this blog.

VCF File: This file format, sometimes referred to as vCard files, is used to record all contact details. Details like the contact's name, phone number, physical address, email address, and so forth are stored in this plain text file.

CSV Document: Another format for plain text files that separate values with commas is called "comma-separated values," or CSV. It organizes the data into tabular form and only stores characters and integers.

What Forces Users to convert from VCF to CSV?

  • Undoubtedly, vCard keeps track of every contact's details, including webpages, ringtones, files, and profile photos. However, managing contacts is made more difficult for users by extra fields. Users change VCF to CSV as a result.
  • When you double-click a VCF file containing numerous contacts, just the first contact's details are displayed. All of the contacts are visible in MS Excel when you double-click the CSV file.
  • Additionally, a large number of email clients and programs, including Apple Mail, Google Contacts, and Microsoft Outlook, support CSV files.
  • Compared to VCF files, CSV files make it easier for users to maintain and organize contacts.

The many techniques and steps to change VCF to CSV are covered in the following section.

Convert From VCF to CSV File: A Free Approach (Windows)

There are two crucial steps involved in converting vCard to CSV on Windows:

  • vCard File Import into Windows Contacts
  • Windows Contacts Export to CSV

You May Proceed with the steps as instructed below to convert a VCF file to CSV :

1.  Import vCard to Windows Contacts

  • Enter %systemdrive%\users\%username%\contacts by pressing Windows + R. Select "OK."
  • Opens Windows Contacts. Select Import.
  • The vCard (VCF File) option can be double-tapped from the Import to Windows Contacts wizard.
  • To import a VCF file, navigate to it and select Open. To continue, tap Import.
  • The initial vCard contact details are viewable and editable. To import it, click OK.
  • One by one, repeat the process with every vCard contact.
  • All imported contacts will then appear in the Windows contacts list.

Let's go on to the following phase of the procedure to convert a VCF file to CSV finally.

2. Convert Contacts to CSV from Windows Contacts

  • Choose every vCard contact that was imported from Windows contacts. Click "Export."
  • Opt for the CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format under Export Windows Contacts. Select Export.
  • To save the exported CSV file, select the target folder by clicking on Browse.
  • Give the CSV the name you want it to have. Click the Save button.
  • Verify the destination path one more. Select Next.
  • Choose the fields you wish to export from the list of fields. Press the Finish button.
  • Hold off till the export is underway. Obtain the output CSV file from the destination location after converting a VCF file to CSV.

On Mac and Windows, utilize Google Contacts to convert from VCF to CSV.

Users can store, manage, and arrange contacts across several devices with Google Contacts, a Google contact management tool. You must sign in using your Gmail account to access Google Contacts. Furthermore, this technique is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Also, follow the instructions below to convert v Card to CSV:

  • Launch the Google Contacts app.
  • Use your Gmail account to log in if you haven't already.
  • Select Import from the Fix & Manage section.
  • The Contacts Import Wizard opens. Select File by clicking the button.
  • Click Open after choosing a VCF file from the storage.
  • Select Import.
  • Next, tap the Export icon located in the page's upper-right corner.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the imported contacts.
  • Choose Google CSV or Outlook CSV from the Export Contacts Wizard. Click.

Apply the same procedure to each vCard file. Additionally, once it converts v Card to CSV, you can remove the imported contacts. Nevertheless, this approach is unable to simultaneously convert several VCF files to CSV. That is, one vCard file can only be converted at a time. Furthermore, you can only perform 3000 migrations if you convert every vCard to CSV separately. Consequently, we advise the use of a specialized vCard to CSV Converter.

One-stop solution to convert from VCF to CSV

VCF to CSV Converter is an independent program that can convert VCF to CSV online in a matter of seconds. With no effort and without compromising file integrity, it is possible to convert v Card to CSV effectively. This program lets you control the contact fields in the generated CSV, which sets it apart from other web-based VCF converters. The utility allows you to convert vCard to PDF in addition to VCF to CSV. You can also pick to convert VCF to PST, iCloud CSV, Google CSV, Outlook CSV, and Yahoo CSV file formats. Above all, this software is broadly compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS and is available for all platforms.

How to Export VCF Contacts to CSV Step-by-Step

  • Launch the tool for DRS VCF to CSV Conversion.
  • To add VCF files, click Add Files.
  • Select VCF files, then select Open to include them in the tool.
  • To view all of the contact information, double-tap the VCF file. Click "Next."
  • Choose the CSV file to be the output.
  • Select other options as needed, then click on

In a matter of minutes, You can convert v Card to CSV.


This article describes “How do I convert a VCF file to CSV?”. When you need to open VCF files in an application that supports the CSV file format, you must convert from VCF to CSV. Thus, you can convert vCard files using Google Contacts services. Nevertheless, go with vCard to CSV Converter if you have a large number of vCard files.

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