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Jupiter Transit 2021: Issues and Remedies

Jupiter Transit 2021: Issues and Remedies

The Jupiter transit 2021 is vital as Jupiter being the most benevolent plant will impact our personal and professional life. We must know the impacts in advance so that we can prepare to face them. It is not that the problems cannot be resolved. According to Vedic astrology, there are remedies for every issue and we analyze them as well.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Aries

Jupiter Transit 2021 prediction report states that Jupiter, the ninth and twelfth house lord for Aries, will transit in your eleventh house and can bring you monetary gains. Your income will increase and you may accomplish your aspirations. Your luck will support you, and you can benefit from many foreign sources. You may have professional issues and your health will be affected. You will attain a lot of success in your love life. The marital life will also be smooth and transparent.

Remedy: While leaving the house every day, apply Saffron Tilak on the forehead.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Taurus

Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh house in the Taurus sign and will affect your tenth and ninth house throughout this year. You may face issues at the workplace. However, happiness will prevail in personal life. There can be financial issues in life and you may need to work hard on this part. The health of your parents will also improve.

Remedy: Offer food to the Brahmins and needy on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Gemini

Jupiter Transit 2021 prediction report says that Jupiter is the ruling planet of the seventh and tenth house in the Gemini zodiac sign and may shower prosperity. Marital life will bloom. Students may have to move away from their homes due to their studies. However, health-related issues may bother you. 

Remedy: Circumambulate around the banana tree on Thursday and offer Chana Dal or Gram Lentil to it.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Cancer

The Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022 may bring in unfavorable outcomes. In married life, your children won’t be majorly favored by luck. During this period, your father’s health is likely to go down. You may have financial gains and you may also become highly inclined towards spirituality.

Remedy: Feed Chana Dal or green vegetables to the cow.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Leo

As per Jupiter Transit 2021 report, Jupiter is the lord of the fifth and eighth house for Leo natives and unmarried people may get married. There will be a constant increase in your income. From the health point of view, time will remain favorable. The marital life will be blissful and the financial situation may improve during this period. Natives who are thinking of going for love marriage will get good news.

Remedy: Offer water to the Peepal tree every Thursday without touching it.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Virgo

Jupiter is the lord of the fourth and seventh house of the Virgo zodiac sign and is transiting in your sixth house bringing prosperity. Students preparing for competitive exams will attain success. Health issues may happen and you need to keep a tab on the diet. There can be challenges and obstacles in every work. Unfavorable circumstances will occur in marital life. 

Remedy: Feed jaggery and wheat to Gaumata on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Libra

Jupiter is the ruling lord of the third and seventh house of Virgo natives and is transiting in your fifth house and academically, this can be favorable. Marital life will remain good. You will also be blessed with a child. Financial issues will be resolved during this period. You will feel highly capable of taking any decisions in the workplace.

Remedy: Apply a Turmeric tilak on the wheat dough and feed the cow regularly.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Scorpio

Jupiter is the second and fifth house lord of your zodiac sign and transiting in the fourth house from your sign causing family problems. There can be disputes and arguments between family members. Domestic expenses will increase and a financial crunch is also possible. During this period, you will have to go on many trips.

Remedy: Wear a top-quality Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire gemstone on your index finger on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Sagittarius

Jupiter is the lord of your zodiac sign as well as the fourth house from your zodiac sign. This year, the planet Jupiter will transit in your third house and you will get love from younger siblings. Your mother’s health may deteriorate and financially, this can be a tough period. 

Remedy: On Thursday during Shukla Paksha, wear Pukhraj gemstone on your index finger.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Capricorn

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the lord of the twelfth and third house of your zodiac sign and will be sitting in your second house from Capricorn. You will get support from younger siblings and there will be happiness in the family. There are chances of childbirth or someone of the marriageable age tying the knot. You may receive financial gain from foreign sources. Your communication skills will improve and this will benefit the workplace.

Remedy: Distribute the yellow sweet rice to the poor on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Aquarius

Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh and second house from your zodiac sign and is transiting in your sign or first house. During the Jupiter transit 2021, your marital life will be blissful. There will be a tremendous increase in your expenses and you need to be cautious on the financial part. Also, health may be affected. Your income will decline, which is expected to cause a loss of money. Respect and honor will increase in society and your financial side will also remain strong.

Remedy: Offer study materials to students in need on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Pisces

The Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 prediction report states that Jupiter is the lord of your sign, i.e. first house and tenth house from your zodiac sign and it isn’t favorable in regards to your health. However, there are chances that you may go abroad. You will be successful in the tasks taken up. The rapport with your seniors at your workplace will also work in favor.
Remedy: Chant the Guru Beej Mantra “ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः / oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ” everyday.

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