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Jupiter Transit 2021 Impacts on Your Zodiac Sign

Jupiter Transit 2021 Impacts on Your Zodiac Sign

Vedic astrology calls the planet Jupiter highly benevolent as it showers prosperity on everyone. It is highly auspicious and is believed to bring fortune. However, the Jupiter transit 2021 is vital as the impacts may not be completely positive. The results of the transit will be greatly based on where it sits in your zodiac sign.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Aries

The Jupiter transit 2021 in Aquarius on Aries sign will bestow a bouquet full of opportunities and possibilities. The planet will move into your 9th house, the house of fortune and good luck and this will result in professional success and business growth. Your family life will be joyous and your marital life will be blissful. As per the Jupiter Transit 2020 prediction report, you will feel a sudden boost in your personality and confidence.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Taurus

The transit may not be auspicious for Taurus natives. You will feel uneasy, hyperactive, and restless during this whole transit period. You may also face health issues during transit. An unexpected source of income or multiple financial gains is likely to happen. However, you should not lend money during this period as it will not bring good results.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Gemini

As per the Vedic astrology prediction report, the Transit of Jupiter will bring in favorable results for Gemini natives. Jupiter will move into the 7th House, the house of marriage. For bachelors, the chances of marriage are high. For married people, there is a chance of having a child. The family atmosphere is set to remain rosy and peaceful throughout this transit. Though your income will grow you need to control expenditure.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Cancer

The Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 prediction report states that the planet will be moving into the 6th house and will bring some mixed results for Cancer natives. You may have growth in your career and improve your wealth. However, you may face issues in the office and need to stay out of issues. Pay good attention to your health during this transit and keep tabs on skin infections or rashes.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Leo

The Jupiter transit 2021 will bring in good results for Leo natives. Jupiter will be in the 5th House and students will excel in their studies. For professionals, perks, promotions, and plaudits at the office will bring happiness. Family life will remain peaceful and married Leo couples can plan to expand their family.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Virgo

The Virgo natives will see prosperity in life. There will be a success in business and income will also multiply. Things are expected to be amicable and peaceful in the family also in personal and professional life.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Libra

Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 will bless Libra natives in sharpening their creative skills. The transit of Jupiter in the 3rd House will bring in appreciation, rewards, and laurels in professional life. Many official journeys may happen during this period. In addition, the transit will also bring in more wealth. Be careful of minor health ailments during this period.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Scorpio

The Jupiter transit into the 2nd house of Scorpio natives will shower prosperity in life. You will accumulate wealth and this is a good time for savings. The natives will also develop some interest in creative arts, literature, music, and drama. However, some obstacles may happen in the path of your success but you will overcome them during the later stages.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Sagittarius

The Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022 prediction report will bring back your lost glory and reputation. There will be happiness and harmony in family life. The marital life will be blissful. There will be many chances of promotion in your occupation and you will climb up the ladder of success and growth in your life.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Capricorn

As per the Jupiter Transit Predictions for 2021, the transit will take place in the 12th house which states that you need to be cautious about expenses on travel, medication, and hospitalization. You must look out for savings during this transit. You may face conspiracies in office. Keep your patience and emotions in check as the personal, financial, and social well-being of your will improves slowly and gradually.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Aquarius

Vedic astrology report states that the transit of Jupiter is extremely good for the natives. The planet will travel into the 11th house of Aquarius natives, benefiting them in every aspect of life. You will have success, promotions, rewards, and accolades at the workplace. The romantic life will be colorful. Students will have success in life.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2021 on Pisces

This transit period of Jupiter will bring glory to Pisces natives. Professional life will be successful. For business people, transit will bring success. If the natives are planning to expand their business, introducing a new product line or services will help them greatly. Family life for Pisces natives will remain disturbed till September 2020 but income will remain on the higher side.

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