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In the midst of one the most severe economic runescape

In the midst of one the most severe economic runescape

During the instruction, everything is closed off. They begin by unlocking a limited range of abilities they can apply, including defense, thieving and fishing, and a combat skill that they choose. In addition, they need to gradually progress through the early game while unlocking new skills as they progress. The character was looking through the tunnel 
OSRS Gold. A sudden appearance of the herbivore, and the character attacked with a hammer, shocking it. Cartoon stars circled the head of the herbivore. The person reached out, grabbed the herb off the creature's back, and gained more than 2000 experience points.

In the following times, Marinez continued to hunt herbivores and spent more than 36 hours working. "There are times when I do not like the idea of the game ... but if it's for money, I can put up with some of it," he messaged me in Spanish after which he added "It's simply my job. And from it, I'm in a position to live."

Marinez 20, who is 20 and a half years old "does provide services" for others playing Old School RuneScape, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players from all over the world pay him, typically through Bitcoin, to embark on quests, and to level up the abilities of their characters as miners, hunters, or fighters.

In Venezuela In 2019, in Venezuela, there were 96 percent of the population had less than the global poverty line at $1.90 daily, as per an assessment conducted by a Venezuelan university. Marinez is doing better than the vast majority.

In addition to the pocket change that he earns working at a nearby pizza shop which is a good place to eat, he earns around $600 each month through RuneScape which is enough to purchase rice and cornmeal to make arepas for himself and his younger sister. For Marinez who is online, it doesn't mean just arepas. It's about escaping, even if he thinks that the medieval game is boring.

In the midst of one of the most severe economic collapses in the past 45 years without war, many in Venezuela are turning to the game of video to help them survive and possibly a way to move. Video games don't mean sitting on a couch in front of the screen buying rs accounts. It can mean movement. Herbivore hunting in RuneScape can finance today's food and even the future of tomorrow's food for Colombia or Chile countries, where Marinez has relatives.


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