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How to Turn on a Non-Starting Acer Laptop?

How to Turn on a Non-Starting Acer Laptop?

Acer laptops can appear unresponsive due to the first two issues. The Acer laptop may occasionally briefly flash to life before failing to turn on, while in other instances it may not respond at all when you push the power button. Fortunately, once you know how to proceed, these issues can frequently be resolved.
The worst-case scenario and the one issue you won't be able to resolve at home is a hardware breakdown, but it's also the least typical one.

How to Turn on a Non-Starting Acer Laptop

To fix an Acer laptop that won't switch on, follow these steps. Make sure to follow the instructions in the correct order because they are listed from the simplest to the most complex.

  1. Take away all extra storage units. This comprises SD cards, flash drives, external hard drives, and optical media. If an Acer laptop notices a boot drive is plugged in, it might try to start from the external drive. Let's rule out this as a potential reason for failure.
  2. Disconnect all docks, hubs, displays, and other peripherals that are connected. These accessories shouldn't be recognized as boot drives, however, an Acer laptop occasionally might. The Acer laptop may also cease trying to switch on as a result of an issue with a connected device, such as a USB accessory trying to drain too much power over the USB.
  3. Attach a power cord to the laptop. Use the standard power adapter that came with your laptop for this step, please. Never utilize a third-party hub (USB or Thunderbolt).
  4. Make sure the laptop can get power. The majority of Acer laptops come with an LED light that lets you know when the device is powered on. Make sure to examine all of the laptop's sides because it might not be near the power port. If the laptop has electricity, this LED will be on. If the power LED does not illuminate when the power adapter is attached, try an alternate power source. If the LED still doesn't light up, the Acer laptop's power source might be at fault. This needs to be professionally repaired or replaced.
  5. Consider connecting a separate display. Acer laptops with faulty screens may initially seem unresponsive. If an external monitor functions, the laptop's internal display is inoperable.
  6. Overnight, leave the Acer laptop's power cord connected. A laptop with a battery that has been completely depleted might not turn on, even when it is plugged in. This is an inherent safeguard to stop additional battery discharge from a battery that has already reached its minimum capacity.
  7. Attempt to enter the BIOS of the Acer laptop. Hit the power button, then repeatedly press the F2 key. While accessing BIOS might not completely solve the problem, if it does, it indicates that the issue is with the Windows boot process rather than the laptop itself. You might try investigating the issue with Windows not booting.
  8. Take out any new parts that have been added to the laptop since it was purchased. Hard drives, RAM, and Wi-Fi adapters fall under this category. The Acer laptop might not be booting due to a hardware configuration problem or faulty new hardware. When removing components from the computer, keep in mind to unplug the device and adhere to the necessary safety precautions.
  9. At this point, a hardware flaw is probably the cause of the issue. A repair shop will be required to identify the problem and swap out the problematic component.


• Why is my Acer laptop unable to connect to Wi-Fi?
There are a number of reasons why your laptop might not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. Along with problems with the laptop hardware, you can also have network configuration issues, a broken modem or router, or software that prevents connections. To determine if you can connect, try restarting your hardware and disabling firewalls and antivirus programs.
• On an Acer laptop, how can I screenshot?
Acer laptops normally run Windows, so you can snap a screenshot using the standard keyboard shortcuts. The screenshot can be copied to the clipboard by pressing Print Screen (or PrtSc), or it can be saved as an image file by pressing Windows + PrtSc. Alternatively, you can launch the Windows Snipping Tool by pressing Windows + Shift + S.
• How can I reset a factory setting on an Acer laptop?
An exclusive Acer program is responsible for returning laptops to their factory default settings. Go to Recovery Management > Restore > Get Started > Remove Everything after searching for Acer Care Center in the Start menu. You then have the option of deleting everything or just your files.

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