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How To Store Your Tyres Properly

How To Store Your Tyres Properly

Having a mode of transportation means that one has the liberty to move from one place to another without worrying about the things that would bother people commonly.

A mode of transportation secures all your travel needs, near and far. The act of purchasing a vehicle from Bridgestone Tyres Evesham is an exciting prospect. Driving the same is more of the same.

A vehicle, much like any other machine, is of immense use to us. It solves all our travelling needs and also presents an easy solution to multiple issues regarding travelling.

The investment into a vehicle or any other mode of transportation is a no-brainer for most people. Naturally, seeing the multiple benefits one can gain from its usage, a vehicle is an easy solution to most of our problems.

We spend excessive amounts of money on the purchase of a vehicle. However, the purchase of a vehicle should also follow up with its care and maintenance.

Without taking care of your vehicle's regular maintenance needs, it will run into damage a lot faster. It is essential to note that all parts of your vehicle work depending on the condition of the other.

As such, the condition of one part of your vehicle will determine the performance of others. Failing to see that, one will end up finding themselves on the end of a much more problematic vehicle than one could anticipate.

Following the regular replacements and repairs of your vehicle will ensure proper performance. The maintenance of the vehicle is manifold. One can follow with the maintenance of the entire vehicle at once or some of its parts.

The maintenance of some parts of the vehicle such as the tyres has to be completed regularly to derive proper performance.

In addition to maintenance, timely replacement is also an important feature of tyres. As seasons change, tyres end up requiring replacements. The right seasonal tyre depending on the weather are winter tyres, summer tyres or all-season tyres.

When seasonal tyres are not in use, they will require proper storage if one wishes to use them for another season. Tyre storage is an easy process that ensures that your seasonal tyres do not lose their special features and are able to perform well for another season.

Ensuring the following conditions for tyre storage is vital for your tyres to retain their qualities:

  1. No liquids should be in the vicinity of the tyre storage area.

  2. Liquids like petrol and diesel should, especially, not come in contact with tyres.

  3. Proper tyre storage is in a well-lit room that has enough ventilation.

  4. If tyres are in consistent contact with sunlight, dire consequences will follow.

  5. Hanging tyres is not advisable at all.

  6. Keeping tyres one on top of the other is also advised against.

  7. Stacking your tyres is also something that experts advise against.

When you ensure the following conditions for proper tyre storage, here is how you should prepare your tyres for storage:

  1. Ensure that your tyres receive a proper cleaning before going into storage.

  2. Consistent driving means that tyres will encounter all sorts of dust, dirt and grime that can settle on their surface. It is possible that the tyres can incur harm due to these particles. Therefore, cleaning them is essential.

  3. Keeping tyres outside means that consistent sunlight will cause corrosion. Corrosion is a side effect of consistent exposure to sunlight. Ozone that sometimes accompanies the sunlight causes corrosion and leads to the formation of cracks on tyre surfaces. Therefore, keeping tyres inside is vital.

  4. Contact with liquids can harm the tyres and render them useless.

  5. Hanging tyres on the wall will harm its formation. The tyre tube will lose its shape if it hangs on a hook for too long.

  6. Stacking tyres can also cause deformation. Stacking tyres should only be done when the storage period is short.

  7. Keeping tyres away from one another in an upright position is the only position in which tyre storage will protect the properties of the tyres.

  8. Wrapping tyres in tight plastic is vital in order to protect the essential oils within the tyres.

  9. Once your tyres are in plastic, use a vacuum to pull out any remaining air from within. This will help tyres seal tight and there will be no air that will dry their surface.

Since winter tyres cannot be in summer and vice versa, tyre storage at Tyres Evesham becomes paramount.

Tyre storage not only ensures that you can keep using your seasonal tyres every year, but it also saves you money and ensures good performance for a long time.

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