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How to select the best Indian High School in Dubai?

How to select the best Indian High School in Dubai?

The education system in Dubai has been ever-evolving for the last few decades providing an ideal learning environment for students. Governments and private authorities are taking the initiative in improving the provisions in the field of education. As responsible parents, a list of things must be considered while selecting the best Indian school in Dubai. However, the records of the school and the student's performance over the years will help you decide. The actual confusion is in choosing the right school that caters to the personal and educational needs of the child.

Here are some insights that will help you to select the best Indian High school in Dubai that fits the parents' expectations.

Equitable learning opportunities: it gives all students equal opportunities removing barriers based on caste and creed. Every student receives complete access to educational resources and innovatively explores their potential to enjoy a better tomorrow. The social-emotional learning programs at school focus on the student's overall well-being.

Comprehensive Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum includes the goals and objectives of teaching and learning. A well-defined and structured framework helps children have a positive approach to learning, enhancing their knowledge and understanding. The Indian High School in Dubai promotes and facilities child and teacher-directed activities using various innovative and creative educational tools.

Measuring child learning abilities: Quality Education is the right and an ongoing process where a child builds their individuality. Teachers and educators take a personal interest in molding a child and directing them towards the right career. The school progressively works on understanding the child's growth and development over a while, making them confident and self-reliant.

Inclusive learning: Schools today encourage inclusive learning making every child with special needs comfortable to receive their share of education. Innovative and distinct improvisations are made to accommodate students with special educational and personal needs. There are specific teachers handling students, making them explore their individuality and enhancing their overall development.

School Fees: The fees and educational payment structure is the primary concern most parents face when choosing the best educational institution for their child. School admission in Dubai is now made affordable and less stressful for parents keen on imparting quality education to their children. However, the fee structure may vary from school to school based on the management of the school.

Facilities and infrastructure: Take a personal tour of the school and ensure that the facilities provided to the student are a notch higher. The school should be equipped with advanced technologies, better laboratories, appropriate places for creative learning, and big and spacious classrooms with smart boards. The school should provide adequate learning opportunities and a holistic atmosphere to facilitate innovative and creative learning.

Extra-Curricular activities: a good and reputed school will always make provisions to accommodate the child's physical needs. The educational institute should enhance physical skills by making children participate in sports and athletics. It allows students to explore their interests in a better way.


A good school will help children discover their passion and enhance their potential by providing a healthy learning environment. When choosing the best Indian High School in Dubai, every parent should ensure that besides quality education, the child should receive a purpose-driven education.

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