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How to save on online shopping?

How to save on online shopping?

Promo Codes

Promo codes are a method of attracting new customers, which is actively used by online stores. This is an alphabetic or numeric set, the input of which provides a discount on the product. The size of the discount sometimes allows you to reduce costs by half. There are many ways to get promo codes.

Special services like accumulate information about sales, promotions, and discounts in online networks. They provide a wide range of valid promo codes.
Communities “In contact”, which can be found on request “promo codes”. Users of such groups share fresh offers with each other.

Promo codes are issued as a bonus, for example, when buying using Y5deals Promo Code. Online stores also encourage regular customers with them.

Using a promo code is a simple task. A set of numbers or letters is copied into a special field when ordering goods in a virtual store.



Discount coupons can be found on special sites like The owner can print it and get a discount when purchasing a product or service – 50-90%. Coupons are also distributed by promoters on the streets, they can be found at presentations, exhibitions, and promotional materials.


Promotions, discounts, sales

Discounts. It is convenient to keep track of profitable offers by subscribing to the mailing list of suitable online stores. Of interest is the cumulative bonus system, which is used by many online trading systems. Each new purchase either increases the discount for the next or provides points that can be spent on paying for goods.

Stock. Buy one Get One Free – such promotions are periodically held by many online stores in order to interest buyers.

Sales. Products are offered at discounted prices in honor of the end of the season, a certain event, holiday. It is especially beneficial to find a store that is closing – the size of the discounts can be huge.


Auctions, stock centers, discounters

Online auctions are a place where a wide variety of goods can be purchased for ridiculous money. The system has won the greatest popularity, there are thousands of its large and not very analogs on the Internet. The advantage of auctions is the ability to offer your own price per lot.

Stock centers. There are special systems that work with retail customers. They can offer products of a certain brand or type, and be global. Cons of stock centers – they sell defective goods. But the products are available almost at cost, and the damage may be minimal, for example, a scratch on household appliances.

Discounters. Their principle of operation is similar to the work of stock centers. The main difference is that discounters do not sell obvious stock, sometimes they sell outdated collections in perfect condition.


Joint purchases

It is easy to meet people who are interested in a similar product in special groups, as well as on relevant sites. If there are a sufficient number of buyers, you can purchase products at favorable wholesale prices, breaking down the shipping costs for everyone. You can organize your own mini-service by teaming up with relatives and friends.


Savings on shipping and payment

Buying on the Internet involves not only paying for the goods but also the cost of their delivery. Costs can be significantly reduced.

Many online stores offer free (or cheap) delivery of ordered products on a certain day of the week, time of day.

Delivery can become free when ordering goods for the specified amount. Therefore, it is beneficial to shop in virtual hypermarkets by cooperating with friends.

When ordering goods that are delivered from another city, it is more profitable to choose delivery by mail, rather than paying for a courier. The average waiting time is two to three weeks, but the savings can be quite significant. There are also retail outlets that guarantee free delivery.

The best way to save on payment is to pay using the store’s currency. When converting dollars into dirhams, euros into dollars, and so on, the buyer may lose a significant amount.

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