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How to Recover Data from a Formatted Toshiba Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from a Formatted Toshiba Hard Drive

What will you do if, after attempting the above-discussed Toshiba hard disc repair method, you discover that some of the data is lost? Once the Toshiba hard drive has been successfully repaired, the lost data can be simply recovered using the Recoverit data recovery program.

It is usually advised to make a backup of your device before beginning any repair work. Still, the Recoverit data recovery program will support you if you are unable to handle it.

Data recovery software from Wondershare

The best software to recover lost data is the Wondershare Recoverit data recovery tool, which has the highest recovery rate. It can effortlessly recover deleted or lost data from storage locations such as internal and external hard drives, desktops, SD cards, crashed computers, etc. It supports more than 1,000 different file formats.

After downloading, run Recoverit to recover your lost data.

Step 1: Connect the Toshiba external hard drive

Connect your hard drive to the computer before starting the recovery process. Make sure the drive list can display it.

Step 2: Choose the external hard drive in step two.

Select the hard drive on which the lost data is located to recover the erased data. Press the "Start" button to start the scan after selecting the area.

Step 3: Check the external hard drive.

The all-around scan is where Recoverit starts the scanning process. The length of the scan varies depending on the size of the file. You can even pause or end the scan at any time based on your convenience. Therefore, while the scan is underway, if you locate your lost data, stop the scan then to avoid wasting time finishing it.

Step 4: Data Preview and Recovery

You are permitted to browse the files first before retrieving the photographs discovered during the scan. You can view them by selecting them and then clicking the preview button. Additionally, you are given access to details like the file's name, size, path, and updated date.

After previewing the files, choose the desired files and confirm. By selecting "Recover," you can finish the file recovery process and save your data to another location.

Never store the files that were found during the scan in the same area where you first lost them. If you do, you run the risk of permanently losing data and increasing the likelihood of data overwriting. Therefore, after recovering files, always store them in a new location.

How Should I Use an External Hard Drive from Toshiba?

The majority of Toshiba external drives work with devices that have USB ports. The drive can be used to store any kind of folder or file, including backup copies of your laptops or desktop computers. If you are not able to get rid of these problems, then you don’t need to worry because the Toshiba Service Center provides you with all the problem’s solutions. So you can visit or call with your query and also follow the steps given below: 

  • If properly maintained, the hard disc may endure longer than its lifetime. To maintain optimum airflow that keeps the gadget from heating up, keep it dust-free. To keep the hard disk in good operating order, clean it frequently.
  • To prevent data leaks, keep the hard disks password-protected. Encrypting the hard drive will stop any data loss or leakage, even if your hard drive is lost.
  • It would be advantageous to set a clue for the set password so that you can remember it when you set a password to safeguard the hard drive. Both the tip and the password ought to be simple for you and challenging for others to figure out.
  • Defragment the hard drive because it becomes fragmented from frequent file saving and deletion. It leaves empty spaces on the hard drive where files cannot fit. Hard drive speed is slowed down by fragmentation. Defragmenting the device too frequently shortens the life of the hard drive, hence it is also advised against doing so.
  • Duplicate files should be deleted from the hard drive. Duplicate files increase disc usage and cause fragmentation, which harms the hard drive's performance.


Working on portable hard drives is quite advantageous because it allows you to work wherever you are at your convenience. On Windows or Mac computers, the disc, however, may stop working for a variety of reasons. Try fixing your Toshiba external hard drive using the methods mentioned above the next time it stops operating or stops being recognized by your computer.

Always make a backup before attempting any repair procedures. If for some reason, you were unable to create a backup and your files were lost during disc repair, you can restore your lost data using Recoverit in three simple steps.

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