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How to Preload & Download NBA 2K23 on Xbox?

How to Preload & Download NBA 2K23 on Xbox?

For those who currently own an Xbox console, the pre-load for NBA 2K23 has gone live, allowing you to prepare for the game's release this week. However, how to preload NBA 2K23? Here, we've got details on the NBA 2K23 file size on Xbox, how you can go ahead and preload before the release date, and how to download it on Xbox.

NBA 2K23 Download Size

If you want to download NBA 2K23 before launching, you have 152.02 GB of space available on your Xbox series X|S. As preload has not yet become available for PlayStation or PC, and the Xbox One version of the game isn't downloading correctly, the Xbox Series X|S size is the only indicator we have for those at this point.

The file size is expected to be slightly smaller on the PS5 version than on the Xbox Series, but it is unlikely to be as much as the NBA 2K22 version of the Xbox Series was 6GB lower on the PS5 version.

PS4, PC, and Xbox One are likely smaller due to the sheer size of The City, but we could see a fairly large download on those platforms as well.

In fact, in comparison to last year, NBA 2K23 requires an additional 35GB of space, going from 115Gb to 152GB on the Xbox Series.

For quick reference, here are the file sizes for each platform for last year's version of NBA 2K.

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NBA 2K22 File Sizes (Launch):

    • Xbox Series X|S: 115.56 GB
    • Xbox One: 84.3 GB
    • PS4: 99.137 GB
    • PS5: 109 GB
    • Switch: 45.2 GB
    • PC: 110 GB

How to Preload NBA 2K23 on Xbox?

You can preload NBA 2K23 on Xbox regardless of whether you've placed a pre-order already.

First, clear up space beforehand, as sometimes trying to initiate the download without enough space can cause hiccups as you try and get things freed up.

Also, Xbox players need to make sure they've set their console to allow the Xbox mobile app to initiate downloads, and then search for NBA 2K23 within the app and hit "Download to Console."

How to Download NBA 2K23 on Xbox?

There are several ways to start the installation process on an Xbox:

1. The first way is to turn on your Xbox, head to the Store, and search for "NBA 2K23." You should then see the game's various editions. If you haven't pre-ordered, you'll want to select NBA 2K23 edition you wish to buy and purchase the game to start the download process.

2. If you aren't home, you can still download the game and have it ready to go when you return. Here's how to do that.

First, make sure your Xbox has an internet connection. You'll also need to enable the Always Connected power option in your Xbox settings. Always Connected means your Xbox goes to sleep instead of turning off.

After you've done that, follow these instructions:

    1). Go to in your web browser.
    2). Click on the Sign In link in the top-right corner. For this to work, you must use the same Microsoft account connected to your Xbox Live Gamertag and Xbox.
    3). Type NBA 2K23 into the search box in the top-right corner of your screen.
    4). Click the blue "Pre-Order" or "Get" button.

3. You can also use Microsoft's Xbox application on your phone or tablet to initiate the download process. Tap on the Magnifying Glass in the toolbar, search for "NBA 2K23," choose your game version, and tap the green "Download to Console" button.

NBA 2K23 is scheduled to arrive on September 9th, so stay tuned to U4GM for more updates and guides, or get plenty of NBA 2K23 MT Coins.