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How to Prayer for World Peace

How to Prayer for World Peace

The world today is a mess. People are killing one another in the name of their own gods. The enemies of all religions have brought true faith to this level, where people are killing each other in the name of god. Isn't it time we got rid of all these false gods? This is where we need to use our God-given power of discrimination and logic to see that it is time that we pray for world peace.

Prayer for World Peace is a simple and effective prayer that can be used by anyone to help create world peace. There is a world peace prayer that you can recite in your own language. This prayer is intended to create a great amount of positivity in the world and spread love, peace, and happiness around the globe. This powerful prayer will not only help you to be more positive in life but also help you to be at peace with yourself and with others. Do not just read this prayer once or twice, but try to recite it every single day until you feel the positive energy flowing through you.

A long time back, Paramahansa Yogananda gave the accompanying "Petition for Peace on Earth," a directed contemplation that all can use to assist with spreading harmony all over the planet. In presenting this strong summons of God's gifts, given by Paramahansaji quite a while back, Sri Daya Mata expressed: "I would request the large numbers of enthusiasts today who take part in the Self-Realization Fellowship Worldwide Prayer Circle to participate in the soul of Paramahansaji's convenient words by supplicating every day for world harmony and concordance among all people groups and all countries."

— Sri Daya Mata

"Eminent Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God! May Thy love sparkle always on the asylum of my dedication, and may I have the option to stir Thy love in all hearts."

Shut your eyes and accumulate profoundly at the focal point of heavenly awareness between the eyebrows. Feel the limitless love of God inside your heart. Allow your heart to radiate that adoration for all the world. Ask profoundly that the billows of war disappear. Let us with our entire existence implore God that His wonderful powers of goodness and love, at any point unpretentiously vibrating in the ether, be not over­powered in the hearts and psyches of men by Satan's ideas of friction and animosity. For the powers of evil are forceful, while the powers of good are modest and unassuming.

"Eminent Father, favor our family living under the foreboding shadows of war, that they might be let from the obses­sion free from Satan's obliviousness and contempt; and may Thine unassuming force of bringing together love and harmony vanquish the forceful powers of fiendishness. We convey our most profound love for every one of, that they might get Thy light of fraternity and understanding, and be in this way directed to quit annihilating one another and making vibrations of abhorrent that bring the mass karma of misery, calamity, and obliteration from one side of the planet to the other."

Feel that your affection is going forward like an imperceptible X-beam, flowing through space into the hearts of the tyrants and state leaders and tops of all countries, so that they might welcome harmony and global flourishing on earth rather than obliteration. Remember for the strong radiation of your affection for all people groups of the world. May our assembled mending beams of adoration be overcharged by the endless love of our Father and wash the whole earth, pervading the hearts of all pioneers and residents of the world, that they might be loaded up with the all-inclusive friendship and congruity of Spirit — welcoming tranquility on the planet, generosity toward all, under the Fatherhood of God.

"Great Father, favor the countries of the earth, our own enormous family, that all might understand their timeless connection as Thy kids. Thou workmanship our one profound Father, the Beloved of the Universe and the Beloved of our souls. May areas of strength for the adoration we broadcast today have the cerebrums of the tyrants and commanders, that they might be loaded up with Thy intelligence, thus stop from making progress toward the normal destruction of mankind. Favor them all. Favor all residents of the earth, that they might lay out helpful solidarity among all spirits, and live in a unified world with Thy power and light of adoration directing us to Thy realm."


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