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How To Play Defense Better In Madden 24

How To Play Defense Better In Madden 24

How To Play Defense Better In Madden 24

Defense is the bedrock upon which victorious Madden 24 teams are built. But playing defense better can be challenging, especially when going up against skilled opponents. In order to prevent the opposing team from scoring, we delve into five invaluable tips that will empower you to play defense like a seasoned pro in Madden 24.

1. Excel in Tackling and Pursuit

Tackling and pursuit are two vital components of defense in Madden 24. Ensuring consistent and effective tackling can prevent big plays, while good pursuit can help contain mobile quarterbacks and speedy running backs. Also, it is imperative to refine your tackling skills. This encompasses mastering the optimal pursuit angles and executing well-timed tackles. By focusing on these skills and using them effectively, you can prevent big plays and keep your opponent's offense in check. Remember, each player has ratings that affect their tackling and pursuit. High-tackle-rated players are less likely to miss tackles, and high-pursuit-rated players are better at chasing down ball carriers. When drafting in franchise mode or using Madden 24 MUT Coins to buy players in Ultimate Team, choose a higher rating.

2. Embrace Play Diversity

Embracing play diversity in Madden 24 is crucial for both offensive and defensive success. If you become too predictable, skilled opponents will exploit your tendencies, leading to easy stops on defense or turnovers on offense. So introduce an element of surprise by diversifying your defensive strategies. Alternate between man and zone coverages. Use blitzes sparingly and unpredictably. Occasionally take control of different defensive positions to give the opponent a different look. Don't be afraid to switch things up if they're exploiting a weakness. Use different defensive coverage plays to counteract their strategy.

3. Harness the Power of Pressure

In Madden 24, just like in real-life football, pressure on the quarterback is crucial. Not only can it lead to sacks, but it can also cause hurried throws, bad decisions, and turnovers. Disrupting their rhythm forces them into errors, paving the way for turnovers and game-changing plays. Don't shy away from sending blitzes to create chaos. There are many defensive players and edge rushers that can launch the pressure and give you the best defense, such as Myles Garrett, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, and Trevon Diggs, just to name a few.
4. Establish Your Defensive Identity

Establishing a defensive identity in Madden 24 is about more than just selecting plays. It's about creating a philosophy or approach that plays to your strengths, counters your opponent's strengths, and makes your defensive scheme challenging to predict and adjust to. The most important is to Evaluate Your Roster. Your team's strengths and weaknesses should shape your defensive identity. If you have elite cornerbacks, consider playing more man-to-man coverage. If your defensive line is strong, maybe focus on pressuring the quarterback with just the front four.
5. Unleash Your Defensive Arsenal

Madden 24 offers an array of defensive controls that can be your secret weapons, such as Know Your Playbook Inside Out, Mix Up Coverages, Master the Art of the Blitz, Utilize Defensive Line Techniques, and more. Unlock their potential by dedicating time to mastering each one. By seamlessly integrating these controls into your gameplay, you will adapt to various offensive strategies, keep your opponent guessing, and take control of the game.
All in all, armed with these five tips, you're poised to transform into an impenetrable force on the field. So, it's time to step onto the gridiron, do your defensive mindset, and begin your journey toward becoming a true defensive virtuoso in Madden 24.

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