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How to Hit A Driver Straight and Stay on the Fairway

How to Hit A Driver Straight and Stay on the Fairway

It's every golfer's nightmare - a narrow fairway lined with trees or flanked with bunkers and heavy rough. You think, about how to hit a driver straight. Getting uptight about it will only help you find bother down an unforgiving fairway. Being uneasy tightens up the golfing muscles possibly affecting your action.

Never try to guide the ball off the tee, it very rarely works. Instead, endeavor to swing freely with rhythm ensuring you release through the ball – two essentials for accurate hitting.

Regardless of what club you are using, prior to making your swing every time visualize your shot. Visualize the hole shot, the flight path, and where it lands. Selecting the correct club will be easier if you see the shot in your head.

Know what distance you are capable of hitting with each of your clubs so you can choose the most suitable club for the circumstances. When you walk up to the tee don't think about how you will wack the ball as hard as you can. This is a recipe for disaster and will usually result in a bad shot. You should focus on swinging the club faster rather than hitting the ball harder to attain distance. You will be surprised how much extra distance you will get from all your clubs by increasing the club head speed.

Another common mistake is the tee itself. It's important that you tee your ball up at the correct height. You are likely to hit the ground or the ball on too vertical a bias if you tee the ball too low. Really bad shots can result from the tee being too high as your club head will tend to go underneath the ball. The ideal height is to have the ball sitting at the same level as the sweet spot of the club you are using.

If your grip is too strong or weak it will cause the ball to start straight but then hook or slice. A way of checking this is to look down at your grip and you should be able to see the first two knuckles of your left hand (for right-handed golfers). A weak grip, where you can't see any knuckles, will generally result in a slice. If you see more than two knuckles, you are in a strong grip and this often leads to hooking the ball.

If you are playing in the wind try to use less lofted clubs to help keep the ball low. A low-flying ball is frequently the only real alternative you have on very windy days. This can be especially helpful if you are playing on fairways that have trees on either side as these trees may act as a buffer against the lowest winds.

Spend some time practicing with these hints and tips on how to hit a driver straight and you will, before long, be hitting your driver straight. If you put the work into lots of practice in all aspects of your game you will quickly lower your handicap.

Hitting long drives is great but only if you can stay on the fairway. You need to learn how to hit a driver straight to really reap the benefit of that distance. There are a lot of golf driving tips that will help you achieve the perfect drive. Click on Minigolf Indoor Hamburg and Eventagentur Hamburg

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