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How to get promotional codes for Groupon

How to get promotional codes for Groupon

Groupon is a service that allows you to save on trips to a restaurant, on attending various events, on the services of medical centers and beauty salons, on training, and much more. The discount can even reach 90%! There are a lot of available categories for getting discount coupons: there are SPA salons, hairdressers, medical centers, restaurants with cafes, various training courses, and entertainment!

However, we will not describe in detail the benefits of the service, but consider a little trick that will allow you to save more on buying coupons – these are the current promotional codes for Groupon.


What should you do to save money?

1. First you need to get a promo code from the page on our website: We go to the page with coupons containing a promotional code, select the coupon you like and click on the green “Open Coupon” button:

We copy the promotional code, if it is provided for by the terms of the promotion, in order to use it a little further, and read the terms.

2. Now we are on the page of the site “Friendy” (“Groupon”), and we select the promotion we like (for example, a discount on the entire menu and drinks of the restaurant). We read the conditions and, if everything suits us, click on the “Buy” button located next to the price (to the right of the picture):

3. After these steps, we will get to the coupon purchase page. On the right under the price is the inscription “I have a promotional code.” Click on it to enter the promo code:

4. A small pop-up window appeared in front of us, here we will use the promotional code for (“Groupon”), which we copied in the first step. Paste the promo code into the appropriate field and click on the arrow next to the input field:

5. After that, choose a convenient payment method. The paid coupon can always be printed from the “Personal Account” and presented when attending the event to receive a discount.


That’s all! As you can see, nothing complicated. Today you learned where to get fresh promo codes for (Groupon), how to use them, and where to enter them on the site. Don’t forget to visit Y5Deals always to be aware of the latest promotions and discounts! And best of all, add it to your bookmarks so as not to lose it;)