How to get and where to enter the promotional code from “Noon” (Noon)? - Pdf Slider

How to get and where to enter the promotional code from “Noon” (Noon)?

How to get and where to enter the promotional code from “Noon” (Noon)?

Noon. How does it work?

Noon has a special savings system: there is an individual discount, and there are special offers from the store. The individual benefit depends on the number of orders in the last 30 days, as well as on the percentage of redemption of goods.

The redemption percentage is the ratio of purchased items to the total amount of the order. It is important to note that the percentage of personal discount can drop significantly if you order a lot of items of the same type and then refuse them, for example, because the size did not fit.

If you made purchases for a total of 1,000 AED, and rarely returned goods, then your personal discount will be 5%. If the total amount has reached 5,000 AED – the benefit will be 7%, from 10,000 AED- 10%.

In general, it is important to remember: that the greater the number of purchased goods, the greater the discount percentage the buyer has. At the same time, it is necessary not to order once again what you definitely cannot redeem, otherwise, regardless of the number of purchases, the percentage will decrease.


Where can I see the discount percentage?

Let’s go to the private office. We find the column “My discount” and click on it. Here you will see the size of the personal discount itself and detailed information about the total amount and percentage of redemption.

Noon independently assigns one or another discount percentage for each group of goods. In order not to miss the opportunity and get the maximum benefit for the desired product, we advise you to look more often at the section of current promotions on Noon, because new offers appear there almost daily.


How to use a promo code for Noon

Well, for real connoisseurs of online shopping and lovers of bargains, we have collected a special selection of offers from the best online stores.


How to use a promo code for Noon

  1. The first thing you need is fresh promotional codes for Noon, August 2022. Go to the promo codes page on our website, choose the one you like and click on the “Open Coupon” button:

Open Coupon

  1. After that, you will be taken to the Noon website, where you need to add the products you like to the “Basket” (if you have not done this in advance). On the page of the desired product, click on the “Add to Cart” button:

Add to Basket

In the same way, add other products that you want to purchase.

  1. After all, items are selected, go to the “Basket”. To do this, you need to go through authorization, and then on any page of the site in the upper right corner, click on the trash icon:

Go to “Cart”

  1. Promotional codes are activated in the “Basket” automatically!


Promo code activation

Please note that promotional codes can only be applied to products of certain categories (for example, products of a specific color or season). Consider this to determine which promo code is more profitable.

  1. Now you just have to click on the “Place an order” button, specify the address and desired delivery time, as well as the method of payment for the order.

Now you know how and where to get a promotional code and how to use it on the Noon website or Mobile Application. From now on, save on every purchase, and don’t forget about discounts that are so easy to get!