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How to Fix the Asus Printer Driver Error on Windows

How to Fix the Asus Printer Driver Error on Windows

A printer is a terrific piece of gadget whilst it works, however, whilst it acts up, it could be extraordinarily frustrating.

Your printer should run reliably for years, generating lots of prints, however, it may additionally malfunction or maybe prevent responding entirely. We will look at a number of the maximum not unusual place printer troubles that will help you clear up any troubles you can have reproducing your documents.

Sometimes, you can discover the motive is something as easy as overusing or putting on printer components. Strangely, underuse of your printer may also result in printing troubles, as dried-up ink should block inkjet printer nozzles. You may also discover that debris, including lint, can also additionally clog your printer, ensuing in paper jams or damage.

However, the trouble will be greater complex, ensuing in a blunders message. Typically, a blunders message should suggest that your printer’s software program can be improperly hooked up to your pc, or there can be trouble together with your tool drivers. Luckily, you could without problems discover the way to restore the Printer Driver Is Unavailable Error on Windows 10 and convey an unresponsive printer lower back to life. If you are looking for a Repair Service Center in the USA. We offer online and remote help from the Asus Service Center USA in USA. Feel free to call me and the assistance team. 

Printer Not Printing

There are numerous motives why your printer can be unresponsive. You must begin with the aid of using finding out the basics, including ensuring there may be paper withinside the tray, cables are related to the printer, the printer is installed on your Wi-Fi, and toner cartridges aren't exhausted. You must additionally attempt searching out caution lighting at the tool or blunders messages displayed with the aid of using your Windows 10 pc.

Additionally, if you later upgrade your PC's working machine from Windows 7 or eight to Windows 10 and discover that your tool no longer prints well, it may be that the improved procedure has broken the printer motive force. You may also have a printer motive force that is incompatible together with your new edition of Windows.

Upon the discharge of Windows 10, Microsoft indicated that there could be no backward compatibility constructed into the OS for sure software programs and applications. The equal additionally applies to sure printer drivers. Several printer producers did not replace their drivers in a well-timed fashion, similarly complicating the issue.

An incompatible motive force or corrupt record can be the motive you revel in the Driver Unavailable blunders. Luckily, this is simple to restore in case you take a methodical approach. All you want to do is take a look at any Windows updates after which set up the ultra-modern motive force on your printer.

What Is a Printer Driver?

Before we look at the way to restore the Printer Driver Is Unavailable Error on Windows 10, it's vital to recognize what a printer's motive force is. It is in reality a small software hooked up to your pc that permits verbal exchange between it and the printer.

It serves important features. The first is as a bridge between the printer and your pc, letting your pc recognize the hardware specs and information of the printer. Second, the motive force is liable for translating the print process facts into alerts that the printer can recognize. Every printer has its personal specific motive force that is written to maintain its profile on a selected working machine, in this case, Windows 10. If your printer isn't always well configured or when you have hooked up a wrong tool motive force, the pc could be not able to stumble on the printer.

However, sure printer fashions can use typical drivers that come bundled with Windows 10. This permits you to print while not having to put in extra drivers from the manufacturer. However, this frequently hinders you from utilizing your printer to its complete capability for the reason that more printer-unique features and settings might not be to be had.

General Troubleshooting

When it involves diagnosing and solving printers, frequently the best answers are the most effective. Start with the aid of verifying that your USB cable is securely related to each computer and your printer. Verify that the printer has grown to become one and that its reputation lighting implies that it is prepared to print. Once the printer has grown to become on and the cable is related, Windows eight must show a message and routinely apprehend and set up your printer. If this doesn't happen, the printer can also additionally be hooked up.

To take a look at whether or not the computer has already hooked up the printer, swipe to the proper fringe of your display screen and click "Search." Enter "Devices" withinside the Search box, and click "Settings," after which click "Devices." Your printer must seem withinside the listing at the proper aspect of the display screen. If it doesn't, click "Add Device" and select your printer at the listing to put in it.

Reboot and Update Windows

You can treat many printing troubles in Windows eight with the aid of downloading to be had updates for the working machine. Move your cursor to the top-proper nook of your display screen, and click "Settings," after which enter "Windows Update" withinside the Search box. Click "Check for Updates," and be given all updates, after which reboot your pc again. When the computer has absolutely rebooted, join your printer's USB cable and notice if you could print.

Install Printer Software

Some printer producers require you to put in manufacturer-unique print software programs earlier than their printers will feature as they must. If you haven't but hooked up this software program, insert the CD or DVD that got here together with your printer, after which continue with the automatic activities to put in the software program. If your computer no longer has an optical drive, download the software program from the printer manufacturer's website. When the download is complete, open the downloaded software program record and continue through the activities to put in the software program.

Printer Troubleshooter

Windows eight has a committed tool troubleshooter designed to assist diagnose and attach printing issues. To release the tool, swipe to the proper fringe of your display screen, and click "Settings," after which click "Find or restoration troubles." Click "Use a Printer" below the "Hardware and Sound" header, after which continue thru the automatic activates to have Windows diagnose any printer troubles.


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