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How to Fix iPad Broken Screen on Your Budget?

How to Fix iPad Broken Screen on Your Budget?

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to fix your iPad broken screen? IPad is a lovable gadget for Apple users. It is so irritating situation when your gadget is broken whether from internal or external issues. Many people think that iPad mini 2 screen replacement is the only solution. But you can also repair some minor issues by yourself. To fix the iPad screen replacement seems difficult but if you consider all important points you can do it easily. You are reading this blog means you are in the same situation here we offer you a comprehensive guide. If you do all steps properly there is no need for highly skilled personnel, you can fix the screen. Keep reading to learn more.

Step-by-Step Guide of Fix iPad Broken Screen on Your Budget:

Step 1: Obtaining the Correct Components

The first step while repairing your broken iPad screen is to determine the parts those need to be replaced. By knowing the parts you can save you money. You have to buy a new screen according to the dimensions.

There are two distinct screens that are both parts of the front component and join together:

  • Touch screen digitizer
  • LCD display


Step 2: Repair a Broken iPad Screen Obtaining the Correct Equipment

You'll also need to buy a few other tools after you buy the digitizer.

  • A roll of digital tape
  • Set of replacement iPad clips
  • IPad screen replacement Clips Set
  • A screwdriver of a small size
  • Prying tools made of plastic is a very narrow screwdriver
  • A prying tool made of metal


Step 3: Repair a Broken iPad Screen dismantling the iPad

  • First of all, you should remove the protective plastic from the digitizer's screen to start troubleshooting. Then, hold the cracked digitizer, and place the digitizer down. You'll need to use the tool and insert it into the wedge in the front of the panel's edge. Between the back part of the panel and the aluminum is where the wedge is available.
  • You should be very patient while forcing the metallic instrument within. It is important there may big issue if any internal components or the ribbon connectors damage.
  • You'll need to hold all the components cautiously and turn the digitizer counterclockwise. You’ve to insert the metal tool securely. No doubt the whole troubleshooting process is a challenging one. But due to the metal clamps in place, they will be extremely secure and difficult to move.
  • Many instructional tutorials make this technique appear simple however it is much more difficult than it appears. Don't be surprised if your digitizer continues to slip back into place on the front panel. Leave it in that place until you loosen or break the metal clips. It could be easier if you start with one of the iPad's four corners.
  • When you remove the screw and open the iPad's broken digitizer, you can see a couple of ribbons. Remove all of them from the back panel cautiously. Just start by unplugging the digitizer of the locking connector. You'll need to use a little sharp tool to raise the hatches up and unlock the clamps.


Step 4: Reinstalling the New Digitizer to Repair a Broken iPad Screen

  • The next step is to take your new digitizer and position it where the broken one used to be. Put the screen on a stable surface and hold the LCD between the edges of the iPad digitizer.
  • After this reinstalling the metallic clips that you purchased for the replacement. There are clips that are able to secure the iPad's frames together. Place them on the sides of the front assembly.
  • You'll need to reinstall the ambient light sensor in its previous location. It is recommended to use electronic tape to secure it in place if you accidentally dislodged it from the glue. Another place to apply some electronic tape is around the border of the LCD. You can put it where the split ribbon wire is now and used to be before it was removed. To secure the LCD with the digitizer, replace the eight screws in the frame.
  • Now you must position the digitizer close to the LCD screen and connect the split ribbon wire. This will secure the clips that hold it in place by pressing down on the latches until they are flat.
  • You'll also need to attach the ambient light sensor to a small connector that has no latch or clip. It is located near the edge of the back assembly, below the silver part. You can simply snap it together and immediately hold it in the proper place with the light sensor's connector.
  • After you've reconnected all of the connections, the next and final step is to secure the digitizer to the back panel with the metallic clips.
  • This step is frequently overlooked in other instructions. To get it to attach effectively, I discovered that you may need to apply a lot of pressure at certain angles. To put it in the proper place, you have to start with the shorter edges. You can do with your own way to the corners. Keep in mind that if the metal clips on the sides of the digitizer break or are deformed, they should be replaced.
  • In this last step, you will finally replace the cracked or shattered display. After replacing the new screen properly inspired you to consider repairing your display rather than buying a new iPad. Moreover, spending a lot more money than you needed to in order to have a gleaming new display.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, replacing the iPad screen is simple by implementing all the above steps properly. It is recommended that before starting the procedure of troubleshooting the iPad mini 2 screen replacement read the article. You have to make sure that you have the necessary equipment.

Thanks for reading!

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