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How To Download HP Printer Drivers for Windows and Mac

How To Download HP Printer Drivers for Windows and Mac

Do your HP Deskjet 3520 ink cartridges seem to be acting up? There's a good likelihood that the ink cartridge vents are blocked. Learn here how to manually and automatically clean them!

You can purchase the little wireless all-in-one HP Deskjet 3520 for a very low cost. Although it lacks bells and frills, it offers mobile printing, and many users complimented its dependability and simplicity. It is simple to set up and seamlessly connects to your computer or mobile device. Users who only sometimes print found this printer to be ideal for their requirements.

Additionally, the HP Deskjet 3520 printer uses four distinct ink cartridges. (one for each color). You can now more easily replace just the ink-empty cartridge thanks to this. The biggest drawback of this printer is that it continuously does an alignment test every time it is turned on, which uses a lot of ink.

Regardless of your application, the ink cartridges can occasionally become clogged, especially if you don't print frequently. Follow the recommendations we'll be making here to solve this issue.


  • Cleaning HP Ink Cartridges Automatically and Manually
  • How Does an HP Ink Cartridge Automatically Clean Itself?
  • How Is an HP Ink Cartridge Manually Cleaned?


Cleaning HP Ink Cartridges Automatically and Manually

If your printer is printing poor-quality documents or images, you can either manually or automatically clean the ink cartridges. But before doing anything, try performing a hard reset on your printer, then check if that fixes the issue before cleaning the ink cartridges:

Changing the Printer

Most printer problems may usually be solved by resetting your printer. Take the actions listed below to reset your printer:

Ensure that your printer is on.

Wait until the printer is quiet and unattended.

While your printer is still turned on, unplug the power cable from the rear of the device.

Your wall socket's power cable needs to be disconnected.

Permit roughly 60 seconds to pass.

Before reattaching the power wire to your printer, reconnect it to the wall outlet. It is advisable to connect your printer directly to a power socket to avoid additional printing issues.

Your printer ought to start up on its own. Just push the Power button if necessary.

Before attempting to print again, wait for the printer to set up.

Do your printer's printing problems persist? Before using a manual cleaning technique, we advise trying automatic cleaning first. After the automatic cleaning procedure, you might still need to manually clean the ink cartridges if your printer isn't functioning properly.

Keep in mind that when your printer is not routinely used, dried ink on the cartridges will clog the vents. Additionally, filthy connections will obstruct communication between your printer and the ink cartridges. This results in errors and warnings on your printer. Check out the ink cartridge cleaning techniques in the next sections to solve these problems.

How Does an HP Ink Cartridge Automatically Clean Itself?

HP printheads can be automatically cleaned in one of two ways:

using the Control Panel for your printer

utilizing the HP Printer application

Method 1: Using the control panel for the printer

Check the Home screen of your printer. On it, Quick Forms, Copy, and Scan should be visible. Simply press Back till you see them if you don't.

Select Tools, then Settings.

Deciding on Clean Printhead.

Observe the directions displayed on the screen.

Method 2. Utilizing the HP Printer Software

Fill your printer with any unused A4 or Letter paper.

On your computer, look up the model of your printer to launch the HP printer software.

Once the program is opened, select Print and Scan.

Click on Keep Your Printer Running. The Printer Toolbox will then be displayed.

Activate the Device Services tab.

On Clean Printheads, click.

Observe the directions displayed on the screen.

Another Approach: Eliminating Ink Smears

There is also a choice to remove ink streaks from the back pages of your printouts:


From the Home screen of your printer, select Settings.

Select Tools, then look for Clean Ink Smear.

After pressing OK, adhere to the on-screen directions.


How Is an HP Ink Cartridge Manually Cleaned?

Of course, you must first remove the ink cartridges from your printer before you can clean them. Here are the steps if this is your first time:


Removing Ink Cartridges From Your Printer, Step 1

Open the ink cartridge access door.

Watch for the carriage to stop moving and go quiet.

Simply press the tab on the front of the ink cartridge to remove it. The ink cartridge will now be released.

Pull out any ink cartridges with orange tabs you notice.

Obtain a piece of clean paper, and then set each ink cartridge on it so that the ink apertures are facing up.

Close the entranceway.

Manual Cleaning of Ink Cartridges

The cleaning process should not exceed more than 30 minutes because this can damage your ink cartridges and printer. (They should not be exposed outside your printer for more than 30 minutes.)

1. Get ready the following to clean your ink cartridges' contacts and vents:

Purified water (Tap water is NOT recommended as it can damage your ink cartridges.)

a lint-free cloth and a dry, clean cotton swab

The use of a pin to unclog vents

2. Check each cartridge's vent regions by looking for them. On the top of the ink cartridges, close to the HP logo, are the vent areas.

3. Inspect vents for obstructions and use the pin to clear them.

4. Next, check to see if the ink cartridges' metal connections are unclean. If so, spritz some distilled water on a cotton swab or lint-free cloth.

5. Carefully remove any dust or dried ink from the metal connections. When doing this, be careful not to wipe or spread ink on any surfaces besides the metal contacts.

6. Allow the contacts to dry, or if you want the procedure to go more quickly, wipe them with a dry, lint-free cloth.

7. Using a cotton swab that has been lightly wet, remove any dirt or ink from the contacts of your printer's ink cartridge slots. (also called printheads).

8. Once more, clean the printheads first with a lint-free cloth or a dry cotton swab.

9. Push each ink cartridge back into its slot by first pressing it downward, then forward, until it snaps into position.

10. Verify that no ink cartridges are sticking out. Simply firmly press down on any protruding cartridges until they click into place.

11. Lock the entrance door now.

updating the firmware and driver for the printer

Last but not least, there are situations when an outdated printer driver and firmware may be the root of the problem. It may not even be required to clean the ink cartridges in the first place. Make sure to always update these as doing so helps to prevent further HP printer issues from occurring.

You may get the list of the printer driver and firmware updates by visiting 123printersupport, searching for your printer model, and then scrolling down. Install these on your PC after downloading them.

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