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How to Connect Your A1 Printer to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Your A1 Printer to Wi-Fi


Because there are so many different models of A1 printers, it's difficult to provide a set of instructions that will work for all of them. Look for the following ideas as a general rule when attempting to connect your A1 printer to your wireless network.

If the Wireless Setup Wizard did not work for you, return to the Wireless Settings menu and select "Wi-Fi Protected Setup." Then tap "Push Button," followed by "Start." After that, go to your router and press the WPS button for 3 seconds, or until the wireless light blinks. In a few minutes, check to see if your printer is connected.

Unable to Print From a Mobile Device

Everyone desires the ease of printing directly from their iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® mobile device. However, wirelessly connecting your printer and device can be difficult, and the process varies by brand. Even if your printer brand has an app, differences in software may prevent you from connecting directly. If you are having trouble connecting, use the steps outlined above to ensure that your Wi-Fi is operational. If your wireless printer connection isn't working properly, downloading new apps or deleting old ones won't help. 


Print Apple for Non-Airprint Printers

When you have the right tools, connecting Apple products to non-AirPrint printers is simple. Printer Pro is a $4.99 app available on the App Store that acts as a bridge between your equipment and printer.

  1. Log in to the app and click the "Add Printer" button in the bottom left corner.
  2. Your printer selection page allows you to connect to a networked printer automatically or manually enter an IP address.
  3. Select the option to print a test page to ensure your settings are correct. Check your firewall settings to ensure that your security isn't interfering with data transfer if your print isn't clean. You can also use your test page to ensure that your print is properly calibrated.

If you're having trouble connecting automatically via Printer Pro, double-check your IP address to ensure it's correct. Additionally, ensure that your firewall settings permit your device to connect to your printer.


Cloud Print for Android Products

If your printer isn't connecting to Cloud Print or printing, make sure it's Cloud Print ready and connected first. Many older model printers will have WiFi capability but will not come with Cloud Print access pre-installed (a problem similar to AirPrint). It's also possible that you're running an old version of Google Chrome, which will prevent your prints from being transferred. Finally, you might have registered your networked printer twice, which means that when you choose a printer, you're actually connecting with its ghost twin. Check the list of networked printers to ensure you have the correct one.


Assume you want to connect to a printer that isn't listed in the printer list. If you have a Cloud-Print-capable printer, you have two choices here:

  1. Refresh your printer list
  2.  Update your printer driver. 


The location of your wireless Printer can have a significant impact on the range of your wireless signals, and customer service will answer any additional questions about A1 Repair Service Center and assist you.

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